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Calgary Futsal - CMSA


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Well they are finally joining the revolution. Better late than never. It is a nice first step. Half futsal and half arena will be a weird transition for the kids. Maybe they can't get their domes converted yet? Only for the U14 and up and only for tier1? Oh well the glacial pace of transition will probably continue. Maybe in my grandkids time the last arena will be retired :)



FUTSAL - FALL 2012 and WINTER 2013

All matches will be played at Genesis Centre for Community Wellness

FUTSAL FORMAT (from 2012-2013 League Structure)

U14, U16 and U18 Tier 1 - will play half their season as Arena Soccer, and half as Futsal. Boys will play Futsal while the Girls play Arena and they will switch at the halfway mark.

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I'm sure the half-season of ArenaBall is because that's the only indoor provincial championship available and if the T1 teams did poorly there, it would create an uproar from the parents (to whom provincial trophies are paramount). The creation of provincial and national Futsal championsionships would more quickly hasten the demise of bounce board soccer. ASA needs to be pressured on this - there is no doubt that the ASA Tech staff fully supports transition away from the boarded game, particularly for youth. Edmonton's EIYSA League has a mix of 7v7 boardless, futsal and enough arena for interested clubs to qualify for provincials in that sport. The only thing stopping all their clubs from 7v7 from U12 to U18 is lack of facilities.

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A few observations about this weekends disastrous ASA provincial indoor "competition" in Calgary:

-Boys U14 Tier 3 player suffers head injury after high speed collision with BOARDS. Unconscious for several minutes, attended to by paramedics and transported to hospital by ambulance. One eye witness (ASA technicians were in attendance as well BTW) said it was the most frightening indoor incident he has seen.

-Calgary Foothills u14's (CMSA) defeat Millwoods "Selects" (EMSA) 21-1 in a semi-final! And this is a Provincial Tier 1 competition. Referee tweets " pathetic/disgusting". ASA take note: when given an OPTION, it's clear that the high level players have found their way to the boardless 7v7 game offered by Edmonton EIYSA, where they can escape (except the prerequisite minimum boarded bouncy ball games to qualify for provincials) technically useless ARENABALL, which is forced on ALL Calgary players under CMSA rule. The dangerous conditions created with high speed, high contact, high skill soccer in a boarded environment were made painfully clear by this weekend's completely unnecessary injury.

CMSA/CSF/CUSA has refused to consider a private full field facility at YYC for two years. They have even refused to consider the BOARDLESS expansion Fieldhouse at the City owned NE Genesis centre. NOT INTERESTED! They are quite happy with their coffers overflowing with revenue from the Gate admissions and Advertising at Subway. Until May, when they get evicted. Sayonara!

Why is there a lack of facilities in Alberta? Because there's a lack of understanding about who's running the Show. FYI....it ain't ASA!:mad:

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