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  1. Any updates on the TSS lawsuit? Has there been any dates set in the Courts?
  2. hi Ed. the number of decent AT fields you mention are 6. SIX! For a City of 1.2 million. I'd rather have my kid cushioned by crumb rubber than play on the concrete like dirt fields we have in July. FYI....Lower mainland of BC has over 70...Seventy infill artificial turf fields and more on their way! Calgarians should be (and most are) embarassed by what has happened here. Three of the fields here are at Shouldice and football has priority there. Rightfully so as they did the fund raising and over 5 years of work to make that badly needed project a reality. Soccer was not interested in fund raising for a field of their own...no money in outdoor soccer, can't control the advertising revenue and no revenue from gate admission like indoors. Soccer was to have 7 fields open for summer 2011...project whiddled down to only 3 fields (fund raising flopped) and now project taken over by the City. Turf sits outside all winter, wrapped in plastic.....waiting.....waiting........waiting. Why the delay? Ask Calgary Minor soccer (if they'll talk to you)
  3. "seems to want to put fake turf outdoors but it is covered in snow so much of the year so why not leave outdoors grass and focus on indoors? Far past time to get rid of the arenas" The pitch at SAIT is outdoor and not covered, but the pitch is ON TOP of a parking garage. Very creative way to build an AT field where land costs are high. CMSA knows and has told anyone that hasn't given up trying to knock some sense into them that THERE IS NO MONEY IN OUTDOOR SOCCER. They did have, for 2 decades, free reign of Subway Soccer centre which was built told house a full sized pitch. They were evicted in December, and will be out in the next 30 days. Good Riddance. They simply do not care that the boards are clearly a hazard and hamper LTPD. They have purposely stuck with the boards and used them to hang paid advertising....or "non fee based revenue" as they refer to it. They were well on their way to covering most of the interior of Subway with ads from anyone that would pay: car dealerships to real estate agents to pizza places to golf advertising. Who gets the commissions on these sales and how much is the BIG question. Anyone that cares about soccer in Calgary should be lobbying their local Club to tell the City that the soccer centre should be a boardless facility. Best time to do it is now!
  4. Well, Calgary City Council is tomorrow hearing funding arguments on a $220 million Fieldhouse near McMahon Stadium. Ironically for soccer, it's the local Track and Field group that's been spearheading this mega-project.........no support from the local Associations for a full sized FIFA indoor pitch. But....at the same time the said same Associations are planning to control 4 new covered "soccer rinks" which taxpayers will be on the hook for to the tune of $12 mil. None of this is good for the game in Calgary or in Edmonton. And btw, it would seem other provinces (Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, NewFoundland) have actually "simply built indoor soccer pitches" instead of sticking their head in the sand and staying with outdated arena soccer. Not so in Alberta.
  5. ASA has been in an expensive ($ 1 mil and climbing) legal battle caused by poor governance, tug of war between EMSA(boarded soccer) and EIYSA(boardless 7v7), and a power struggle with Calgary Minor/Calgary Soccer federation because of the provincial voting structure. In Calgary, the soccer centre was designed to be a full sized pitch, but 25 years ago the Federation ran out of money during construction, had to get the roof DONATED by the Australian company that got the tender, rolled down green carpet and put up boards instead of "Astroturf". That was the genesis of the mess that exists to this day. Boards here are covered with paid advertising, "non fee based revenue" as the Soccer Bosses call it. Advertising and gate admissions (yes we have to pay to enter soccer facilities to watch our kids play) disappear into the Black hole financial statements of the non profit associations. A completely disconnected facility delivery process.
  6. Since it can't possibly be Calgary (unless the new operators of the soccer centre do the quickest and best thing for the sport...remove the boards) you most probably mean somewhere in Edmonton?
  7. Aside from the wonderful artificial turf soccer pitches and venues, what a fantastic week of weather for Whitecaps and other college showcase tournaments to happen on the West Coast. Newton Athletic park and Langley events centre are truly "Fields of Dreams" for Calgarians......we have NOTHING like it (where's the problem...anybody??) The Alberta Soccer Association flies all their teams out to Langley, lodges and feeds them, and tries to cram months of training into a one week format, all because there is no suitable venue for high level training in Alberta. Great news for Westjet, local restaurants and hotels.....not so good news for Alberta players and parents paying most of the Bill. Why can't Edmonton or Calgary build a full indoor field? Is Mr. Weidle's Victoria soccer building the best we're ever gonna get in the Province?
  8. Just ask an Edmonton EMSA "select" U16 Tier 1 team, who lost 21-1 this weekend at the Alberta indoor "provincials". They may be able to relate. Something very wrong with this kind of result in provincial semi final. The referee tweeted: "pathetic and disgusting". It's possible. Sad state indeed.
  9. A few observations about this weekends disastrous ASA provincial indoor "competition" in Calgary: -Boys U14 Tier 3 player suffers head injury after high speed collision with BOARDS. Unconscious for several minutes, attended to by paramedics and transported to hospital by ambulance. One eye witness (ASA technicians were in attendance as well BTW) said it was the most frightening indoor incident he has seen. -Calgary Foothills u14's (CMSA) defeat Millwoods "Selects" (EMSA) 21-1 in a semi-final! And this is a Provincial Tier 1 competition. Referee tweets " pathetic/disgusting". ASA take note: when given an OPTION, it's clear that the high level players have found their way to the boardless 7v7 game offered by Edmonton EIYSA, where they can escape (except the prerequisite minimum boarded bouncy ball games to qualify for provincials) technically useless ARENABALL, which is forced on ALL Calgary players under CMSA rule. The dangerous conditions created with high speed, high contact, high skill soccer in a boarded environment were made painfully clear by this weekend's completely unnecessary injury. CMSA/CSF/CUSA has refused to consider a private full field facility at YYC for two years. They have even refused to consider the BOARDLESS expansion Fieldhouse at the City owned NE Genesis centre. NOT INTERESTED! They are quite happy with their coffers overflowing with revenue from the Gate admissions and Advertising at Subway. Until May, when they get evicted. Sayonara! Why is there a lack of facilities in Alberta? Because there's a lack of understanding about who's running the Show. FYI....it ain't ASA!:mad:
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