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Where are we at now.........

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We're actually pretty good comparatively in the world given our size and the culture of the game.

Both the overall 2015 profit and the amount earmarked for development of the women's game would be pretty hard to put a number on. The other difficult one to guesstimate is the value of a generation of young girls in stadiums.

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In 2015, CSA will break even or look like they break even with FIFA's help ie U20 MWC. I anticipate like the U19's WWC and the concacf WOQ, the canwnt players will probably not receive any appearance fees due to the CSA marketing machine. Hence no revenue going into the CSA structure.

The benefits of the 2015 WWC will come from the 3 levels of government building permanent training and game facilities. Plus, maybe an increase in females playing the game which helps increase membership revenues up the line..

Government of Canada has committed $15M



BC Government $2M


City of Vancouver $400K


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