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Americas Championship


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Is there room in the FIFA calendar for one?

Has one ever existed?

Wouldn't it be neat to have another big 12 nation tournament in the rotation? Take 6 from CONCACAF and 6 from CONMEBOL to make the same 12 team format found in the Gold Cup and Copa America.

Teams qualify using those regional tournaments, 4 semifinalists qualify, 4 losing teams in quarterfinals pair off and play for 2 remaining spots.

Would expand both regional tournaments by 2 games each, with importance on the line. Adds a tournament that could be hosted from top to bottom of the Americas and should have at about 9 World Cup quality nations with the other 3 being on the fringe.

Uses the same existing format, so it's familiar and well be easily adjusted to by existing followers of both tournaments.

Something like this ever possible you think? Almost seems foolish that FIFA doesn't look into something like this where as I feel both regions could use another big event, or at least UEFA seems like it has much more going on more often.


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