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Frosinone Calcio on Canada Futbol


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I do not mind posting this as it is a general Comment on Soccer in Canada


and translation

Frosinone, Salvini back from Canada

12/22/2010 14:11 by Francesco Specchia article read 206 times

© Photo by Alberto Mariani / TuttoAtalanta. Ernesto Salvini, head of the youth of Frosinone, returned yesterday from a trip of ten days in Canada, in search of young talent in North America.

What is the budget for this sui generis away? "Excellent in terms of image and marketing: Frosinone Calcio itself as one of the best known companies in Canada, and thanks to this trip, every year, we focus on this continent."

Experience began in 2007, where does the choice to see young Canadian talent? "The credit for this goes to the association and its Winstars Soccer Academy Director Bobby Graham: he had the intuition to expand their annual gatherings to professional teams, and thought to involve the Frosinone.

It seems hard to find parallels between the Italian football and that practiced in North America, Salvini helps to understand why: "Few people know that soccer in Canada is the most popular sport up to fifteen years. The boys involved in that showcase not only for being seen, but to be able to win scholarships to enable them to go to university. However, since the thickness of course football is limited compared to Italy, the young players to emerge must be in possession of remarkable natural gifts " .

Gifts and talents and do not miss Isaiah Page, a young Canadian soccer star, which Ernesto Salvini had noticed in previous years: "A great player that last year we brought to Italy for a week. The agreement for his transfer but has not been reached: on one hand the strict FIFA rules regarding the non-minors (it's '94 class note), the hesitation of the other player and his family in undertaking such an important step. "

And despite the 2010 showcase of talent has brought to the surface of equal magnitude, Salvini is confident: "I have noticed an increase in the quality of young Canadians. The scope for development there."

merry Christmas all have a great holiday Season

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