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Something we should aim towards


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Division 1 (3 teams)

*Vancouver Whitecaps FC (Existing - MLS)

*Toronto FC (Existing – MLS)

*Montreal Impact FC (Existing - NASL/MLS)

Division 2 (8 teams)

*Victoria Highlanders (Existing - PDL move up to D2)

*FC Edmonton (Existing – NASL expansion)

*Calgary (New)

*Winnipeg (Existing – PDL move up to D2)

FC London (Existing – PDL move up to D2)

Hamilton (Proposed expansion - NASL)

Ottawa (Proposed expansion - USL)

*Quebec City (Proposed expansion – CSL move up to D2)

Division 3 (42 teams) Similar to PDL with regional division play to minimize travel

Pacific (6)

*Victoria Highlanders Reserves (Existing – PCSL move up to D3)

Nanaimo (New)

*Vancouver Whitecaps Residency (Existing – PDL)

Abbotsford Mariners (Existing – PDL)

Kamloops Excel (Existing – PCSL move up to D3)

Kelowna/Okanagan Challenge (Existing – PCSL move up to D3)

West (6)

*FC Edmonton Academy (Existing from NASL setup)

*Calgary Academy (New)

Saskatoon (New)

Regina (New)

*Winnipeg Academy (Existing – PDL)

Thunder Bay Chill (Existing – PDL)

Central-South (8)

Windsor Border Stars (Former CSL)

London City (Existing – CSL)

St. Catherines Wolves (Existing – CSL)

Hamilton Croatia (Existing – CSL)

Kitchener-Waterloo (Existing – CSL expansion)

Mississauga-Erin Mills (Existing – CSL expansion)

Brantford Galaxy (Existing – CSL)

Milton Milltown FC (Existing – CSL)

Central-North (9)

Brampton Lions (Existing – CSL)

Mississauga-Toronto Croatia (Existing – CSL)

North York Astros (Existing – CSL)

Pickering Power (Existing – CSL expansion)

*Toronto FC Academy (Existing – CSL)

Toronto-Portugal FC (Existing – CSL)

Toronto-Serbian White Eagles (Existing – CSL)

Toronto Lynx (Existing – PDL)

Vaughan-York Shooters (Existing – CSL)

East (7)

Ottawa Fury (Existing – PDL)

Gatineau (New)

*Montreal Impact Academy (Existing – CSL)

Laval Dynamites (Former CSL)

Sherbrooke (New)

Trois Rivieres Attak (Former CSL)

*Quebec City Academy (Proposed expansion – CSL)

Atlantic (6)

St. John, NB (New)

Moncton, NB (New)

Halifax, NS (New)

Cape Breton, NS (New)

Prince Edward Island (New)

St. John’s, NFLD (New)


With discussion of domestic D2 and D3 gaining more traction in recent weeks I thought it might be helpful to look at how a national framework can be achieved. As you can see by the list I've compiled above, much of the infrastructure already exists or is being proposed. If there is a comprehensive long-term plan/objective such as the above in place, it might be helpful in swaying potential investors to hop on board. Discuss.

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Screw that Saskatoon D3 only crap, we'll be rippin up MLS and winning the Club World Cup in a decade!


Seriously, though, Regina can't support CSL. Riders would drown them out. Saskatoon, yes, because they aren't located in Saskatoon, but Rider Nation has no room in their hearts of the beautiful game. And it's sad.

Thunder Bay's travel costs would be ridiculous in the West division, I'd drop them and put some place like Brandon or Prince Albert instead.

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Thunder Bay is already logging similar travel distances in PDL. The farthest TB would have to travel in a Western Canadian D3 setup would be Edmonton (2,061km away according to google maps). That is the exact same distance they have to travel to Highlands Ranch, Colorado (2,061km), the farthest team in the PDL Heartland Division. 3 of 7 teams in that division play out of Missouri with distances of 1,200-1,500+km away from TB. I'm also inclined to think that the TB public would rather see TB play Calgary and Edmonton than Highlands Ranch, Colorado or Springfield, Missouri...

Not to say your point isn't valid but just saying it isn't a stretch for it to be possible.

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