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Martin Nash in 'best shape of career'


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Exerpt from the bottom of a Vancouver Sun story about Steve Nash's business enterprises:

(Steve) Nash said "fitness, nutrition and sleep" are his pillars for staying in great shape. He allows himself the odd beer or wine but he won't touch refined sugar.

"I work out all summer and I'm very disciplined with what I eat," Nash said. "I'm not a great sleeper so I have to really prioritize that."

Martin Nash, 34, adopted a similar disciplined workout and diet plan last year to drop about 15 pounds and to get in the best shape of his career. Steve said he counselled his younger sibling about what it takes to reach peak fitness.

"I don't know if he sought (my advice) or if I just shoved it down his throat but he seemed to take some of it in and he looks great and is doing well," Nash said. "It's inspiring to see."

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Steve+Nash+business+court/3403819/story.html#ixzz0wmFzO6K5

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I remember a time about a dozen years ago when Steve could be seen around various Vancouver nightclubs in the summer months, absolutely paralytic after the 'odd beer'.

I remember an article about Steve in his younger years and his NBA buddies doing the sprint to the pub, have a beer, repeat routine. After 6 pubs the others got to the pub and Steve was swimming laps in the pool waiting for them to catch up. When young you can abuse yourself more and get away with it. Since he is gettihng older I doubt he does those stunts any more. It is funny how that "odd" beer is usually a 5 or 7 (11? 13?) type of number isn't it? :)

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