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Toronto FC at the half way Point in 2010


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Good article. I'll add a few random thoughts.

A defense first approach in a parity league is never a bad option and the team has certainly been tighter in that area. The team has more or less been grinding out results, as a number of posters predicted before the season began. I said at the start of the year that an "under promise, over deliver" mentality will help this regime: of the new signings, the unheralded guys coming in have really lived up to the mantra. People weren't expecting much of Cann and Gargan and they have done quite well; LaBrocca had more expectation on him coming in the trade for Wynne, but I think he has been quietly effective. I'd have to say that the new international/Euro signings have been disappointing, for the most part: Saric, the Russian and the Latvian are definitely not preferred starters regardless of how some may spin reasons for their situation. Cronin got shipped out and with that in mind I can't see Preki giving too much more time to White in light of the new striker signings. Frei has improved over his tentative second half of his rookie season performance and Attakora is developing into a guy, like Frei, who might also be moving on to more lucrative opportunities in the near future. DeRo has carried this team offensively, but I'm concerned that JDG is hampered by the weight of expectations.

Last year this team really struggled in the last 15 minutes of matches. In the remainder of July and August, including CCl fixtures, I'm curious to see how they will make out in that vital area of the game.

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