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  1. How TFC beating Cruz Azul did not make the list is lost on me.
  2. Hey all: I am writing periodically for a new English footy site called "It's Round & White" trying to give them a bit of perspective on MLS and the state of the game on this side of the pond. I wrote a piece that they published today about Simeon Jackson and how his recent performances for Canada might be just enough (along with the injury situation at Norwich City to finally give him a real shot in the Premier League. Here is the link: http://www.itsroundanditswhite.co.uk/2011/10/08/simeon-jackson-forcing-the-issue-at-norwich-city/ And just so that I am not accused of spamming here is the article in its entirety: ________________________________________________________________ Being a football supporter in Canada can sometimes be a trying experience. Earlier Friday afternoon we were able to watch at the same time English supporters were when Wayne Rooney melted down live in Montenegro while his English teammates did just enough to secure qualification for Euro 2012 as that match was broadcast live across Canada on a national sports channel. However the Canadian National Team, playing a World Cup Qualifier away to CONCACAF minnows St Lucia Friday evening was not to be found on TV anywhere in this country. You see the national football stadium in St. Lucia is actually a cricket ground (featured I believe in the 2007 Cricket World Cup) and it does not have any permanent broadcast facilities that would allow the game to be beamed back to Canada. Those of us interested in the result were forced to listen to a Canadian Soccer Association PR staffer and a blogger stream an audio feed of the live results and play by play on the internet. For supporters not near a laptop they were glued to their phones monitoring the results via Twitter. So we all unfortunately got to see Wayne Rooney and his latest act of petulance with the Three Lions at the same instant English supporters did, yet we missed seeing Norwich City striker and Canadian International Simeon Jackson put on a much more positive display, when he scored a hat trick for his country. On Tuesday of next week Jackson and his Canadian team mates will be in action once again, this time at home in Toronto when they face Puerto Rico. Considering how well he apparently played Friday and how important Canadian head coach Stephen Hart sees him being to Canadian efforts to get back to the World Cup for the first time since 1986, there is no doubt he will feature prominently once again next week before he heads back to the UK. He will undoubtedly be a big part of the Canadian side for years to come. No Canadian striker is playing at a higher level for a club side than Jackson is currently doing in the Premier League. Norwich skipper Paul Lambert might not have been too keen to let Simeon go on international duty, especially with the distances/travel involved and the possibility of another of his players getting hurt, especially with striker James Vaughan now being out for a significant amount of time with a knee injury. But Jackson is not the kind of person to turn down his country based on the character he has shown so far in his international career. Now St. Lucia is hardly a talented side. But one does not choose the opponents in front of you and when given the chance to impress Simeon Jackson stepped up with three goals. Whether his international performance will be enough for Paul Lambert to consider using him more going forward than the two short appearances he has made off the bench in the Premier League to date remains to be seen. With James Vaughan now on the shelf for the Canaries there will likely be more chances for him to feature than he has so far and Lambert will get to see for himself if a player that has yet to prove if he has enough ability to make in the English top flight can actually do so. What I hope most of all is that Lambert will take the time to look at Simeon in perhaps a new light upon his return. Playing for Canada might not be popular but it is the right thing for him to do. It is a statement of character when a player steps up for his country and scores goals even when he gets pressure perhaps from his club to not do so. Hopefully the confidence and dare I say swagger that can come from a hat trick scored for his country in a World Cup qualifier might be just enough to start to see him prove to Paul Lambert and to Norwich City supporters that he has the ability and heart to be able to contribute at the Premiership level.
  3. http://viewfromthesouthstands.com/2011/10/taste-the-soup/
  4. Both "Robert" and this supposed royal named "Lord Bob" need to be fitted for tin foil hats.
  5. I received confirmation from TFC that both clubs are indeed able to play with completely different 18 man rosters for the Second Leg replay.
  6. With Adrian Cann gone for the year I started to think about the Voyageurs Cup replay match on July 2nd and if Adrian's injury would impact that game. If I understood what the CSA stated in the press conference after the game was called off last week they said that each club would have to use the 18 man rosters that both clubs had originally used last for the replay game on July 2nd. And now Cann being out for the season could potentially cut TFC's roster for that match to seventeen. I contacted the club about this one. They coaches and players all have the day off today and the CSA guys are somewhat busy with the Canada Ecuador game. I was told I would get an answer to this by tomorrow at the latest. Stay tuned.
  7. Eric Hassli did not score a goal. The game does not exist. It is nothing more than a figment of our collective imaginations. Move on
  8. Since board rules preclude me from posting a link to my blog here I thought I would post my article about this very issue as is. If you want to check out the blog you likely know where to find it. ___________________________________________________ You know if the waterlogged shoe was on the other foot I probably would be feeling a little pissed off too. Picture this for a moment TFC fans. If instead last night's game to decide who is Canadian Professional Soccer Champion was played in Vancouver instead of Toronto and TFC was up a goal when the game was called due to rain, an unplayable playing surface and lightning strikes close to the stadium, I would probably feel a little hard done by. But I would not bleat and whinge about what I thought was a conspiracy to screw Toronto FC. I would not opine that the CSA hates TFC and is out to make sure they lose. I would not carry a chip on my shoulder that the rules for a tournament that my club freely signed off on were enforced based on the conditions on the ground and that their fair enforcement was some sort of conspiracy to do in the club I support. I would feel unlucky. That's where it would end. I would try to use this unlucky circumstance as a motivator and I would hope that the club I support would do the same. But that is not what is apparently happening out west today. Here below are some selected comments from Whitecaps supporters from the public Southsiders fan message board. I think the sense of entitlement, childishness and dare I say it arrogance coming through in these posts speaks to the fact that their soccer supporter culture has a ways to go before it can be called anything near mature. Yes the Whitecaps are by North American standards a mature franchise with a history and a record of success that should be applauded. But it seems to me based on responses like those below that their fan culture is in a lot of ways still in its infancy. And infancy is what I am hearing from quotes like the ones below. See for yourselves: "...its scams like this that turn casual fans off the game in North America..." "...Saturday, July 2, at 12:30 PM EST at BMO Field. Wow what an early kickoff. Rigged for TFC no doubt..." "...This will work in TFC's advantage...Seems that all the officials, everybody conspires against us in the MLS and Nutralite, they don't call penalty shots in our favor, we get red cards for everything, crappy biased officials and now the bloody weather in Pig Town.." "...If Toronto wants to show some class, they can let in an early goal at the start of the game. But I doubt they'll have that class..." The last quote obliquely refers to a circumstance from a game in England in 2007 when in a Carling Cup game one of the players involved, Clive Clarke, had an on field heart attack that led to the match being cancelled and rescheduled. Once the game was played a second time in a moment of now famous sportsmanship Liecester City allowed Nottingham Forest to walk a ball into the net to give them the 1-0 lead they had in the original game before it was so understandably called off. With all due respect to Vancouver, these circumstances are a lot different and comparing the two, even in jest is very disrespectful. No one almost died last night, with perhaps the exception of thousands of damp TFC fans and, who knows, anyone who might have been singed by an errant lightning bolt (no reports of this happening... thank god!). Upon getting home Wednesday evening, and after drying off, I went online to try and gauge the response to the events that transpired from both a Toronto and Vancouver perspective. And until that moment I did not consider the Whitecaps much of a rival for Toronto FC. They are thousands of miles away halfway across a huge continent. They have their petty rivalry with Montreal and their established ones with Portland and Seattle to keep them occupied. We have Montreal and (gulp) Columbus to keep us busy. But after reading the juvenile responses coming from the left coast last night I am near enough to full on loathe mode to consider them a true rival from this day on. The comments of some of their most ardent supporters smack of the whining of a trust fund baby from an old monied family who is blathering on that they have to settle for a new BMW instead of a Bentley and that the world is out to make sure that their pampered asses are not wrapped in English leather but in German vinyl instead. Poor babies! No sir I don't like them. I don't like them one single bit. July 2nd can't come soon enough.
  9. Reloading The Red Bull Way http://bit.ly/gBGewR Lessons that the TFC front office can learn from the 2009 success of the New York Red Bulls. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.
  10. Kinda Sorta Free Agency http://tinyurl.com/288zvqm There are some interesting veteran players available in the first round of the MLS Re- Entry Draft next week, if you are willing to pay big money to get them... And I ask if TFC should look to Juan Pablo Angel. Comments always welcome.
  11. Getting On With The Job http://viewfromthesouthstands.com/2010/11/getting-on-with-the-job/ Thoughts on the flurry of moves Toronto FC has made in the past day and why Earl Cochrane is to be commended for getting on with the job of General Manager. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.
  12. http://viewfromthesouthstands.com/2010/11/mls-supporters-summit-garber-says-maybe-to-first-kick-montreal-in-2012/ Video from the MLS Supporters Summit today with Commissioner Don Garber. I get to ask him to commit to having MLS First Kick 2012 in Montreal between the Impact & TFC. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.
  13. New Music Inspired By The TFC Experience http://viewfromthesouthstands.com/2010/11/the-south-end/
  14. http://viewfromthesouthstands.com/2010/11/the-barcelona-way/ We are not nor ever will be Barcelona Mr. Klinsmann
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