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CSL 2010 Week 4

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Result of the Friday May 28, 2010 CSL game between Portugal FC and Montreal Impact Academy played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

6 min...PFC Andrea Lombardo is tripped up by Imp goalie Dominic Provost on right side of box as he cuts towards goal. Referee David Barrie calls a Penalty kick.

6 min...PFC Ramone Bailey GOAL...Bailey rolls the Penalty kick to right corner of net with goalie diving correctly but ball was just out of his reach.

11 min...PFC Adrian Pena GOAL...Pena takes 25 yard freekick from just outside the right side of box and he bends ball directly into the top left corner of net.

15 min...Imp Guillaume Heroux GOAL...Imp player's crosses low pass from 30 yards on right that has Heroux shoot 12 yarder from right into left corner of net.

57 min...Imp Hussein Awada GOAL...Awada in crowd of players blasts 30 yard shot up middle over goalie Mike Silva and just under bar in center of net.

85 min...Imp Valentin Radevich gets penalty call when he's checked by PFC Jamaal Smith inside box at 7 yards getting to pass.

86 min...Imp Valentin Radevich GOAL...Radevich blasts low Penalty kick from left is into left corner of net beyond diving goalie.

Final Score:........Portugal FC........2.................Montreal Impact Academy..............3..........

Attendance was 64 said a man who did a head count. I'd say that number doubled by the end of the game as the Ultras league game was ready to start after this game ended. The game was broadcast live on Rogers

Community channel. The evening temperature started off very hot but cooled by the second half.

I counted Portugal making six player changes during the game while two other people in the press box said they made seven changes. Last week I said the league had changed their policy this year to cut the maximum number

of subs to five. Impact Academy made five. Another observer said the fitness level of PFC is not as good in the second half with the team tiring badly and letting the Academy catch up and win. I noticed few scoring chances for either team in the second half with most of the action in the midfield.

Montreal is supposed to have asked that the schedule be changed a few months ago to move their next game on Saturday afternoon rather than Sunday so they could get back to Montreal by Saturday night. They now have a game on Saturday afternoon at 1:15pm against North York Astros. Next weekend they have the same Friday/Saturday killer schedule. This was the year that a new league sponsor was brought on board to make hotel stays easier. After two game before last night, the Academy had only managed two ties at home against expansion teams this season. We'll see in just a few hours if their schedule does hurt them. Fans at the Astros game are reminded to wear an orange shirt

and admission will be reduced for them to only $5.00.

Rocket Robin


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Subject: May 29, 2010 CSL--North York Astros vs Montreal Impact Academy (by Rocket Robin)

Result of the Saturday May 29, 2010 CSL game between North York Astros and Montreal Impact Academy played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 1:15pm.

53 min...MIA Francesco Augustin draws Penalty kick on right edge of box awarded by referee Gianni Facchini.

55 min...MIA Hussein Awada GOAL...Awada blasts Penalty kick low to left side as goalie Nelson Ryan Zamora dives to right.

83 min...Astros Roozbeh 'Michael' Houdaji GOAL...Astros Victor Gallo cross from right 35 yards near extreme right has leaping goalie Maxime Crepeau catch ball but drop it in crowd of players at 5 yards. Houdaji at 10 yards on left shoots low shot into right corner of net behind fallen goalie.

Final Score:.........North York Astros........1...........Montreal Impact Academy............1............

Attendance was about 50 fans on this very hot sunny day. Just before the end of the first half, a group of about six fans came in with a drum, balloons and streamers and staked out a row to make as much noise as they could. Insiders say they were actually players from their reserve team.

The penalty call was fair because just two minutes before the referee's call, he gave the Academy's Hussein Awada a Yellow card for diving on a check at the Astros 20 yard line near the sideline.

I was waiting for the Academy team to tire as they had just played a game on the previous evening. The owner had gone out of his way to reschedule so he could bring his team home by Saturday night. Astros Peter Dimitrakopoulos took a 30 yard blast from the right that hit the right post at 90 minutes and almost won the game for the Astros.

The Academy used six different starters (including goaltenders) then those used on Friday night and it would be difficult to pick out which team was stonger. The Academy does pick up 4 points out of 6 on this short weekend. The unused starters today were on the substitutes bench.

The game was fairly even overall and a 1-1 draw was a deserved result.

Rocket Robin


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Tough Sunday night for Milltown FC in Brantford.

In front of a big crowd (just a hair shy of 1000), the very talented Galaxy win 3-0 over a tired Milltown squad.

Full report to follow tomorrow.

Milltown now has a record of 1-1-1 for 4 points.

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The Galaxy team is going to tough for anyone in the league to turn over. Glad to hear they had another big crowd. Looking forward to the match report. The fully detailed match reports are much appreciated, the reports on the league's website are much better than they were last year, but they still don't give the team sheets. Any word on the new league website?

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Brant News already has their game report with some pictures up;


In front of 1,000 boisterous fans, the Brantford Galaxy won their first home game of the season on Sunday night.

“We are so thankful to see the people coming and wanted to win one for our fans and the city,” coach Lazo Dzepina said through a translator after his team’s 3-0 victory over Milltown FC.

With the bleachers packed at Lions Park, the fans got into the game early when Galaxy forward Miodrag Andvelkovic scored the first of the night just three minutes into the matchup.

Beating the Milltown defenders to a breakaway pass, Andvelkovic chipped the ball over the head of netminder Scott Cliff for an early 1-0 lead.

Although the Galaxy controlled the ball for much of the first half, captain Marco Giusti said the team was a little slow before halftime.

“It could have been 3-0 by half,” Giusti said. “But we turned it up in the second half.”

The Galaxy went up 2-0 about 15 minutes into the second when Ranko Golijanin broke past two defenders and centred to a sliding Andvelkovic, who potted his second of the contest.

After another five minutes, the Galaxy went up 3-0 following a beautiful set up by Golijanin.

Breaking through the centre of the field with a defender all over him, Golijanin passed the ball backwards with his heel to a wide-open Drazen Vukovic who blasted the ball past a diving Cliff.

Giusti said that kind of ball control downfield was the key to the win.

“Our midfield pushing the ball back and forth (was the key),” he said. “And our forwards were finishing.”

Milltown had not allowed a goal in two games prior to Sunday’s contest.

“Every team will have difficulty defending against us,” coach Dzepina said. “We will be going for a win in every game.”

For the final 20 minutes of the game, Dzepina put in all six of the local reserve players.

The young players did not look out of place on the field as both Ben Turnbull and Stefan Dancetovic had strong scoring chances that only a nice save by Cliff prevented from going in.

“We think (Dancetovic) is the youngest player in the league,” Dzepina said. “He had his sixteenth birthday last week.”

Giusti said the improvement among the reserve squad will mean big things for the Galaxy.

“These guys are learning things at practice,” he said. “When our starters get tired we can trust these young guys coming in.”

The reserve squad itself had a tough-luck loss on Sunday, dropping a 1-0 game to the St. Catharines Wolves reserves.

Reserve coach Carmine Romano said his team dominated the matchup, but didn’t get the only break in the game.

The Galaxy resume action June 4 on the road to London City.

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Result of the Sunday May 30, 2010 CSL game between Toronto Croatia and St Catharines Wolves played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:15pm.

16 min...Croatia Daniel Leko GOAL...TC Hayden Fitzwilliams rushes on right down wing and cuts low cross from 15 yards near right end line. The ball rolls through a crowd of players in box and charging Leko rolls ball into left corner of net from 5 yards beyond goalie Claudio Perri.

46 min...Wolves Brock Thom GOAL...Thom gets mid air volley blast from 22 yards that drops into left side of net on arc beyond goalie Sandi Matika.

48 min...Croatia Thiomir Maletic GOAL...TC Halburto Harris rush up middle to 20 yards passes over to right to TC Hayden Fitzwilliams who crosses to left and Maletic kicks 3 yard shot on left pas the goalie standing up for shot.

50 min...Wolves Dana Heimbecker cross from right has Wolves player botch bicycle kick but he does connect with the ball and it hits a defender's arm so referee Jeff Audi calles a Penalty kick call. He also gave a Yellow card to that defender.

51 min...Wolves Matthew Stillman Penalty kick blast has diving goalie pushes wide left of net.

Final Score:......Toronto Croatia...........2...........St Catharines Wolves..........1...............

Attendance was about 125 on this hot evening.

Both teams had a few chances to score in the last half hour of the game. The difference for the Wolves turned out to be not being able to score on the Penalty kick. The other good chance for Wolves was early at 12 minutes when Matthew Stillman has the goalie bump him at 18 yards off the ball but the ball falls to Wolves Matthew Cain who from 8 yards shoots from the right to the open net but he sent in off the right post for a goal kick.

Repairs to the Centennial Stadium turf have been made well enough that there should be no more games called off. St Catharines were here the Friday before when a game against Serbian White Eagles was postponed at game time because of loose fitting turf. Toronto Croatia's game here on May 16th against London City was postponed and last Sunday's game against Brantford Galaxy was moved to Lamport Stadium so this was the first home game actually played at this stadium.

These were the first points for Toronto Croatia after losing their first two games. Wolves record falls to 1-2 but they haven't played a home game yet.

Rocket Robin


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