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ANB Academy invited to enter Canadian U13 team in presigious Challenge Jean Pingeon


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ANB Academy Futbol was selected by the Stade Malherbe Caen, to enter a Canadian U-13 team in its prestigious all French “ Challenge Jean Pingeon “.

January 27, 2010 (RELEASE) --

Over the past few years, ANB Academy Futbol has been working closely with a few futbol organizations in Europe in order to showcase Canadian futbol talent. ANB Academy Futbol Director, Bassam Naim has been successful at exposing the academy’s coaches and players to numerous European professional futbol organizations over the years.

In furthering their relationship with ANB Academy and their belief in Canadian talent, S.M. Caen has extended the following invitation; ANB Academy Futbol has been graciously invited by S.M. Caen to attend the prestigious Jean Pingeon Youth Futbol Challenge in France this coming May 2010. Since its inception in 2002, The Jean Pingeon Challenge is noted for displaying some of the best youth futbol in France. The host, Stade Malherbe Caen, is a professional futbol club located in the city of Caen, Normandy. Youth teams entering this tournament do so based on their pre-tournament qualifying records. Some notable professional French Clubs such as FC Nantes, Le Havre AC, Paris SG and AS Monaco have participated in the Jean Pingeon Challenge.

ANB will be selecting players from both within and outside its current academy program. Sponsorship has been secured for this event and all selected players for this event, will have their travel expenses covered by the sponsorship funds that have been secured. S.M. Caen has courteously offered to provide accommodations for the ANB team and its coaching staff. Players will be accommodated by either host families that are affiliated with S.M. Caen Club or at a local hotel (details to follow). There will be no accommodations provided for parent(s) or guardian(s) that decide to attend this event. Those that do decide to attend the event will have to arrange for their own accommodations and travel. The trip will be from May 11th to 18th, with matches being played on May 15th & 16th.

ANB academy's vision is to become Canada’s leading soccer development organization. Its mission is to identify Canadian soccer talent, and to maximize the potential of players at any level, through professional coaching and training.

For more information on the programs offered by ANB academy, check out our website site at www.anbsoccer.com or by telephone at 905-313-8661 or via e-mail at support@anbfutbol.com

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SAAC Academies finished 1st & 3rd in the top U14 division at the Score at the Shore Tournament in NC last year...

SAAC Academy U21 teams (predominantly 17-18 year olds) finish top 3 in 2 OSL U21 regional leagues, an OSL Men's Regional league and the CSL Reserves...

Try not to base your opinions on 2nd hand info - SAAC has some very good programs...

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Which division at the Score at the Shore. Top Flight or 2nd tier???

2nd hand opinion? I think not. Ask most high profile people in the GTA soccer community and they will all tell you the same thing about the SAAC academies.

1. The concept is very good no doubt.

2. The cost- some people are getting very rich. Far too expensive for the average player, thus elitist.

3. Quality of the coaches is poor.

4. Quality of the players is inconsistent. Some players are very good, others are adequate, others should not be there, but money talks.

5. Quality of competition is very poor. Players cannot get better unless the are playing very good competition on a consistent basis.

The Windstars Academy in my mind comes close, and is probably the best of them all


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I here a lot of that in soccer circles and frankly, much of it comes from anecdotal evidence from people that may have seen one academy team play once at some point...- how many actually Academy games have you seen?

You are getting your feedback from biased people - of course club people are going to say things things - some could be true, but if they weren't they would say them anyway... of course, I'm biased as well, being a SAAC contractor.

However, to your points...

It was top flight at the Score (I made sure to mention that in my comment as I knew you would ask)

1. Good Concept - Can you say that about the club system?

2. People getting rich - This is pure bs... Some OSA-types recently came out with a similar concept for an Elite Youth Development League - pretty much a copy of SAAC standards - You know what their budget per team was? over $60,000. Academy fees cover the cost of the program - estimate the costs of 3 training sessions per week x paid coaches x athletic therapist on-site x not getting preferential field rates of 'community clubs' - no one is getting rich...

3. Quality of coaches dwarfs any program out there - both in licenses and experience. Our academy directors include UEFA 'A' assessors, former international academy coaches, former CSA instructors. Outside coaches come to ours for training and assessment, our coaches move on to higher level programs (US college & international), our coaches are continually upgrading their qualifications.

4. Quality of the players is inconsistent. I will concede this - but every program has to start somewhere - but the difference from year 1 to year 4 is astronomical. I invite you to come out to some games to see for yourself.

5. Quality of competition - what is this based on? at the younger age groups I would totally disagree - again, I invite you to come out to some games to see for yourself. At the older age groups is it less consistent, and that is why our top 17/18 year olds have been moved to U21 - I see you ignored that part of my comment

Winstars? well, I wouldn't argue that they have a good skill level... but they are 'borrowing' players from their club teams for 1-2 years to showcase them to US schools. A useful program that meets a need in the market, but not really what I would describe as a typical development-focused' academy...

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