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Helping Canadian soccer blogs...

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Seven soccer blogs have made the short list for the Best Canadian Sports Blog award. You can vote one per day per IP address.

If you like the work any of us do, this is one simple way you can recognize us (that doesn’t cost anything). If we were to win this award it might be something that could help us get sponsorships.

So, if you could take a few seconds to rank your favourite Canadian soccer blogs (you can number rank them – No 1, No 2, No 3, etc) it would be appreciated.

The Footy blogs on the list:

Nuke Soccer

Some Canadian Guys Writing About Soccer

The 24th Minute

RedNation Online

Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show

A More Splendid Life


Out Of Touch

Additionally, I (the 24th Minute) have been nominated in the podcaster category for my work on It’s Called Football. It would *really* help ICF if you guys could push me over the top in that category.

Vote here:


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Guest Jeffery S.

Did you also make the short list for "Best Dressed Podcaster"?

Jokes aside, I am voting for you, must be the full moon or something.

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quote:Originally posted by squizz

I will consider anything other than an 8th place finish amongst this grouping to be a victory for Some Canadian Guys.

Let's not get our hopes up, Squizz.

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