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Female Player of the Year Nominees


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Noticed Ed had these up on the Men's side:


[b]32.6% - Sinclair, Christine F Burnaby, BC, CAN USA / FC Gold Pride[/b]

21.3% - LeBlanc, Karina G Maple Ridge, BC, CAN USA / Los Angeles Sol

8.3% - McLeod, Erin G Edmonton, AB, CAN USA / Washington Freedom

7.9% - Matheson, Diana M Oakville, ON, CAN NOR / Team Strømmen FK

7.6% - Chapman, Candace D/M Ajax, ON, CAN USA / FC Gold Pride

6.5% - Wilkinson, Rhian M Baie d’Urfé, QC, CAN NOR / Team Strømmen FK

5.9% - Parker, Kelly M Saskatoon, SK, CAN USA / Sky Blue FC

4.7% - Moscato, Carmelina M Mississauga, ON, CAN ITA / U.P.C Tavagnacco

2.1% - Franko, Martina F/D Squamish, BC, CAN USA / Los Angeles Sol

1.0% - Schmidt, Sophie M Abbotsford, BC CAN USA / University of Portland


[b]41.1% - Stewart, Chelsea M/F The Pas, MB, CAN USA / Vanderbilt University[/b]

22.2% - Patterson, Taylor M Edmonton, AB, CAN USA / University of South Florida

14.6% - Filigno, Jonelle M Mississauga, ON, CAN USA / Rutgers University

8.8% - Pachecho, Gina M Ottawa, ON, CAN USA / University of South Florida

3.4% - Chénard, Laura M Ste-Luce, QC, CAN CAN / SC Amiral Québec

3.4% - Colpitts, Dayle G Fredericton, NB, CAN CAN / NTC-Atlantic

1.3% - Marton, Lexi D Aurora, ON CAN USA / Penn State University

0.5% - Richard, Geneviève G St-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC CAN CAN / Comètes de Laval 

0.5% - Woeller, Shannon D Vancouver, BC CAN USA / Rutgers University


[b]41.4% - Raymer, Abigail M Victoria, BC, CAN CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC[/b]

25.9% - Setterlund, Nicole M Surrey, BC, CAN CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC

10.5% - Cantave, Haisha F Orléans, ON, CAN CAN / Capital United FC

 8.7% - Simpson, Diamond M Mississauga, ON, CAN CAN / Dixie Dragons

 6.8% - Ghoneim, Nour F Aurora, ON, CAN CAN / Richmond Hill Raiders

 4.3% - Hémond, Sabrina M Sherbrooke, QC, CAN CAN / Lac St-Louis Lakers

 1.9% - D’Angelo, Sabrina G Welland, ON, CAN CAN / Niagara Falls Soccer Club

It's a difficult year to nominate with no major tournaments or qualifying games in any of the ages. The senior team played the Cyprus Cup, the Americans a couple of times and some college teams who didn't make the final tournament. The U20's played the American U18/U20 and the Mexicans twice in exhibition and the U17's played a boys team and a Quebec team. The only obvious selection is Karina LeBlanc on the senior team, no idea on the youth side.

Previous winners:


Senior: Christine Sinclair

U20: Jonelle Filigno

U17: Monica Lam-Feist


Senior: Christine Sinclair

U20: Sophie Schmidt

U17: Monica Lam-Feist


Senior: Christine Sinclair

Youth: Jodi-Ann Robinson


Senior: Christine Sinclair

Youth: Kara Lang

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A heartfelt apology to Karina LeBlanc and congratulations on the best season from a Canadian professional in long time. You may not have been voted on by the hockey writers of Canada but 12 shutouts and just 3 losses in 20 games, starting the All-Star game over Hope Solo and taking your team to the final is an accomplishment that will stand a long, long time.

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Think you are correct. I'm not sure we're not better to have the CSA coaches determine these awards. The FIFA Women's Player of the Year voting is ridiculous as 99.9% of the people voting have not seen all the women they are voting for play. Here it is worse - 99.9% do not even know the names of the women they are voting for.

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