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CSL Week 9


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July 11

Downsview Park - Toronto, ON

Serbian White Eagles 2

North York Astros 0

SWE goals by Alex Braletic and Jon Hurtis

I only caught the 2nd half live. Both teams played strong on this windy day on a very small pitch.

SwE scored in the first half and then held that lead until extra time in the 2nd when Astros defenders fell asleep, opening a lane for Hurtis to hammer a ball low and inside the near post to put the proverbial nail in the coffin for North York.

North York played very well in the late part of the 2nd half and it looked like they had scored a tying goal on a chip shot over the SWE keeper but the VERY STRONG winds that were blowing actually appeared to push the ball away from crossing the goal line. I've never seen anything like that.

Astros' Jarred Whiteman was given a straight red for a pretty vicious retaliatory chop on SWE defender Goran Vlaski with about 10 minutes to go in the match.

Astros are still looking for their first win of the season. SWE has now won 2 in a row and will prepare for a big home game next week vs TR Attak.

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I went to watch NY Astros v White Eagles Saturday and Portugal v Croatia on Sunday. The first game was definitely conditioned by the wind at the Downsview Park field and as VPjr mentioned the small size of the field helped the team with lesser quality. The first half should had ended 3-0 for SWE but the crossbar twice denied a header first by Stamatovic and a beautiful chipped ball by Viciknez from about 50 yards, when the Astros GK Zaslavski was already beaten.

The second half was a bit more physical because the Astros players were getting frustrated as the minutes were passing by, finally the referee who imo called a good game had no choice but to show a red card to one of the barrow or "mercenary" players the Astros brought in to play this game. Astros had a legit opportunity to tie the game but the ball took a strange bounce and crossed the goal-mouth very slowly but nobody was closed enough to push it in.

The Sunday game was more even but the score doesn't do justice to Portugal FC who clearly dominated the game and deserved to win it, but luck was not on their side this game. They hit the posts twice, missed a sitter right under the cross bar and on top of everything scored an own goal. Toronto Croatia is probably the most practical team in the CSL, they are well organized on the field and do the most with the chances they get game after game, luck is definitely on their side this season and we all know how important that factor is to win a season.

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Result of the Sunday July 12, 2009 CSL game between Portugal FC and TorontoCroatia played at Brockton Stadium in Toronto at 7:00pm.

1 min…PFC player turns and shoots ball from edge of box which hits falling defender on hand at 12 yards. Referee Geoff Gamble calls a Penalty kick.

2 min…PFC Ramon Bailey GOAL…Bailey’s Penalty kick shot over diving goalie Sandi Matika to right side just inside post.

18 min…Croatia Sven Arapovic GOAL…Tonci Pirija 30 yard freekick from left sideline has diving goalie Adrian Ibanez punch ball but ball deflects off Arapovic’s side and into left side of net from 6 yards.

81 min…Croatia Tihomir Maletic GOAL…TC Tomislav Ples on right charges for ball and rolls cross that TC Niko Pesa deliberately lets roll by him that pins defender to have to cover him. Maletic is alone and gets ball on left and shoots low 10 yarder into right side of net behind sliding goalie.

89 min…PFC Danny Amaral GOAL…PFC Selmir Sehic keeps ball in play on run up right sideline and crosses high from right corner flag to Amaral who heads ball from 5 yards on left to right side of net.

Final Score:……..Portugal FC……..2…………..TorontoCroatia…………..2………..

Attendance was about 250 with supporters for both teams on this mild evening with the weather altering between sunny and cloudy several times during the game.

PFC coach Danny Amaral was very effective putting himself into the game at 87 minutes and scoring two minutes later.

This game was rough but very exciting. Portugal FC hit the goalpost four times during the game. Jarvin Skeete hit the first at 43 minutes from 8 yards on a freekick rebound. In the second half Ramon Bailey hit the post on a 28 yard freekick. At 58 minutes Gustavo Serrano broke by a defender and his 20 yard shot on left hit the left goalpost. At 91 minutes, Ramon Bailey blasted a shot from 20 yards on the right and it hit the right post and then Taylor Lord shot the 15 yard rebound low and wide left. TorontoCroatia players had just as many chances to score themselves. Both goalies had to make spectacular saves or the score would have been much higher.

This game was moved from Friday night at 8:00pm because Lamport Stadium is not available while during the City of Toronto’s workers strike. This stadium is operated by the Toronto Sporting Club and I’ve heard they’ve been renting out the stadium almost every night of the week so the field is being torn up with use and looks much worse than last week. A bit more of this and it will be in the same shape as when the CSL decided not to use this field anymore.

TorontoCroatia retains first place in the International Division and remains undefeated so far this season.

Rocket Robin


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