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USL President Believes in Montreal

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USL President Believes In Montreal


Given that a team for the United Soccer Leagues is already in the CONCACAF Champions League semifinals, USL President Francisco Marcos said that USL side Montreal's potential run to the semifinals should not be labeled as anything but desering.

Marcos told Goal.com on Thursday that, should Montreal advance past tonight's quarterfinal finale at Mexican side Santos, it would not exactly be a miracle.

"It will no longer be a surprise if they go through," Marcos said. "It cannot be called a surprise. I don't even know if it can be called an upset beyond the fact they are quote-unquote a second-division team playing against a first-division team, whatever that means."

The Impact will try to join fellow USL side Puerto Rico in the semifinals of the CONCACAF Champions League. Puerto Rico advanced to the final four wiht a 1-0 win over Honduran side Marathon on Wednesday. Following a 2-1 win in Puerto Rico, the Islanders pulled off the road victory in defeating Marathon in San Pedro Sula.

That Puerto Rico reached the semifinals was a product of their work and effort, Marcos said.

"Puerto Rico (Wednesday) were on the brink of disaster several times but that's what's going to happen when you are on the road and you decide to play tight and try and hold and hope for a breakaway," Marcos said. "Their discipline was tremendous and they rode their luck as well but I think that they worked for it."

How does Marcos feel about Montreal's chances compared to the Islanders?

"I probably like Montreal's chances better than I like Puerto Rico's last night because of the fact that Puerto Rico only had to lose 1-0 and they'd be out with the away goal situation," Marcos said. "Montreal is playing a stronger team, I think, although Santos is not doing as well as they did last year in the Mexican league."

Because road goals are the first tiebreaker, one Montreal goal would be golden. That, coupled with Montreal's grueling preseason and their 2-0 home win against Santos has Marcos believing in his league's team.

"They only need a goal and they can lose 3-1 and still get in," he said. "I have to say I like Montreal's chances quite well. They probably have had a more intesne preseason preparation than Puerto Rico. They played a bunch of games in Italy for preparation. All things considered I think Montreal will come into today's game with the knowledge of what they've had before with the Mexican teams. They know the kind of environment they are going to play at because they've played in Atlante before."

Luis Bueno, Goal.com

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