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Is this accurate?


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My Italian is about as good as my Martian, but these are what Google computes as elements of the following article:


When I explained to them that we would not have played more with the archaic "long ball and ride." I heard a huge sigh of relief."

Q: What game system will take?

A: "What goes best with the talents of my girls who have power and agility to spare. Some of them are very good technically.

Q: Toronto will be the base of operations?

"Neither Toronto nor Vancouver. The national women will not have a fixed base, but will move around the country to become famous and climatic requirements. I dwell in Toronto, the girls at home or in their universities. We will try to meet at least once a month, to stage a few days. "

She signed a contract four years. As perceived.

Q: Who is in his [her] staff?

"From Italy, Elisabetta Bavagnoli full-time and Massimiliano Colucci Mario Familari part-time, in the sense that it will be by at important matches or tournaments. Staff also includes former Canadian National Andrea Neil and the two young engineers Paolo Pacione and Rafael Carbajal.

Q: And Joe Parolini?

"Football Joe is without a doubt the person that I know more and better. It is my right arm, my personal adviser. But has no official office.

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I sincerely doubt the full squad will be coming together monthly, at least not this year. It seems more likely that Carolina and certain members of her staff will be criss crossing the country, holding camps featuring players who are currently part of the NT pool and players who are on the fringes/outside the system currently. She wants to get a feel for the talent that is at her disposal and is open to expanding the pool of players wider than it was during the Pellerud era.

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