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Julian , Jonathan + Bobby video interview.


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Here is translation of Jono's part.

Q : You (And Julian) have studied a lot Wiel Corvers videotapes when you were younger. Do you think that still benefits you this day ?

A : ''My father watched a lot of those tapes and magazines and starting teaching Julian the skills. I myself didnt watch a lot of the tapes but got taught by my father and my brother''

Q : Who's the better player out of the two of you ?

A : He's sitting right here..me

Q : Offcourse we're gonna ask your brother the same. What do you think his answer will be ?

A : That he is a better player than me

Q : Are you both very similar characters ?

A : At certain moments yes , I still listen a lot to my brother and learn from him. At a young age I wanted to be around him as well so I've taken a lot from him.

Q : None

A : I expect a lot from Depor since they are very strong at home. They can play nice stuff there so it's going to be tough. We have to go there looking strong and show our mentality.

Q : We have to beat them !

A : We do yes and we can , If you look at the team recently we have been really strong , quality of football is good and we are scoring many goals.

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