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Cafu considering an offer from the USA

Canuck Oranje

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While I was reading some press about how Cafu was considering an offer from the team I follow, Gremio Recreativo Barueri, and his neighbourhood team, I found and article that mentioned that he was also considering contract offers from the USA, Dubai, and Japan.

Just wondering if someone heard anything about a club considering a Designated Player offer to the old guy.

I am assuming that it is a DP because the Barueri player personel guy is quoted as basically saying that Barueri's offer would not match the financial amount being offered from other countries. Barueri has left it to Cafu to decide if he is going for the cash elsewhere or just hang out in his neighbourhood and play for less near his home.

I hope MLS has not resigned itself to competing on price with Gulf States and Japan for aging former superstars. That is a recipe for overpaying.

Link to the Sao Paulo Federation's site (in Portuguese):


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Considering the source is a club that had made it understood that they would not pay what foreign teams were prepared to pay, I doubt that the USA offer would have even been raised if it wasn't in the ballpark.

BTW, his agent is his brother.

quote:Originally posted by Bill Ault

^ He's not coming to America but he's got an agent who would like to convince the folks in Japan and Dubai that he might...

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