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U.S. Women's National Team Achieve Your Gold Tour


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US WNT is together but where is ours???


U.S. Women's National Team Set to Resume Achieve Your Gold Tour Against South Korea on Saturday, Nov. 1, in Richmond, Va.

U.S. Women’s National Team

Achieve Your Gold Tour

Richmond, Va.

Oct. 31, 2008

WITH GOLD ACHIEVED, U.S. WNT EMBARKS ON POST-OLYMPIC TOUR: After the rousing and emotional run to the gold medal at the 2008 Olympics, the U.S. Women’s National Team resumes its Achieve Your Gold Tour with three matches against South Korea. The USA won the first three games of the tour over Ireland, earning three consecutive shutouts in mid-September. The Achieve Your Gold Tour, which will take the gold medalists across the USA to celebrate with the fans, will conclude the team’s activity in 2008 which has already featured 30 matches in seven different countries. Kickoff for Saturday’s game against South Korea is set for 6 p.m. ET from University of Richmond Stadium. Tickets are still available for the match (cash only for purchases made at the gate) and fans can follow along live at ussoccer.com’s MatchTracker.

WHAT A YEAR: The USA heads into the first match against the Koreans with a 29-1-1 record so far, the only loss coming in the opening game of the 2008 Olympics to Norway, a setback from which the USA famously rebounded to win the gold. In one of the most amazing and successful years in U.S. Women’s National Team history, the USA has won all five tournaments it has entered, taking the Four Nations Tournament in China in January, the Algarve Cup in March in Portugal, the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Mexico in April, the Peace Queen Cup in South Korea in June and of course, the Olympic Games in August.

U.S. WNT Achieve Your Gold Tour

Date Opponent Venue; City Kickoff / Result

Sept. 13 Ireland Lincoln Financial Field; Philadelphia 2-0 W

Sept. 17 Ireland Giants Stadium; East Rutherford, N.J. 1-0 W

Sept. 20 Ireland Toyota Park; Bridgeview, Ill. 2-0 W

Nov. 1 South Korea Univ. of Richmond Stadium; Richmond, Va. 6 p.m. ET

Nov. 5 South Korea Paul Brown Stadium; Cincinnati 7:30 p.m. ET

Nov. 8 South Korea Raymond James Stadium; Tampa, Fla. 7 p.m. ET

Dec. 17 China Ford Field; Detroit 7:30 p.m. ET

WNT SETS WINS RECORD FOR CALENDAR YEAR: In one of the most successful years in U.S. Women’s National Team history, the U.S. women have already broken one of its most hallowed team records by winning its 29th game of the year on Sept. 20 in Chicago, Ill., against Ireland. The previous high was set in 2004 when the USA went 28-2-4. The U.S. women won 26 games in 2000 (with six losses and nine ties) and 25 games in 1999. The USA is currently 29-1-1 this year with seven matches likely left including tonight, meaning the team will surely shatter that record for wins in 2008.

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A couple of questions.

1. How much $$$$ will the tour make? (I assume it is a fund raiser since they don't "need" the games to prepare for the WC this soon.

2. What will be the players' share?

3. How much $$$ will this put into the coffers of Soccer USA?


4. If the Canadian women tried something similar would we make any money? (Yes, Yes I know it wouldn't exactly be a victory tour.)

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Bonsoir Terplan

Peut être qu'il n'y a pas de dollars canadiens pour l'équipe sénior car il n'y a malheureusement pas eu d'activités depuis la défaite contre les américaines aux derniers jeux olympiques de Beijing? Peut être que maintenant les dollars de l'Association Canadienne de Soccer (CSA) vont aux équipes féminines U17 et U20 ? je dis peut être car je n'ai pas de réponses ....

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Good questions terpfan.

The Americans all dispersed and went home and I believe these are a couple of weeks PR tours against teams ranked 25th or below. The point of the tours is 100% marketing and not development. I don't believe they have drawn enough at the gate to cover the costs, and some women's marketing here at home would be great but I think there are more economical and realistic means for us to go about that.

The American players already make enough off the team, especially with the win this year, and I would presume the tour is in their annual contracts. The Americans are complaining about the Euro countries putting up roadblocks to their players coming over, but they do everything they can to keep their players from playing anywhere else.

I've said for a long time we're a marketing nightmare, and I like the idea of a late Spring national tour and games coast-to-coast. Take a lot of time, plan it right, get the collateral, gear, work the ropes in advance (media, clubs, organizations, potential sponsors, broadcasters, etc) and make sure they are well attended.

But in general, the next major tournaments are years away. The players have all been "forcefully" relocated to Vancouver for two years and all need some do-whatever-you-want time. They need to focus on their lives and careers, whatever they want that to be, but point being their career shouldn't be the CSA.

I know you want great options for the women Rich, but I just don't believe running the women's programs in a year round compound as an employer/employee relationship is good for the women or the country. Not with the professionalism that's going on around the world in the women's game.

I would focus your efforts on Kerfoot and the Whitecaps right now, getting them to improve their programs and open the door to the women who have a desire to play there (i.e. and only the women who have a desire to play there).

I don't believe there is another country in the world that is together right now. But maybe someone will prove me wrong and dig up a spysat image of the communists sewing their uniforms for the next World Cup...

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