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CSL Week 19

Rocket Robin

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Result of the Friday September 19th, 2008 CSL game between Portugal FC and Toronto Croatia played at Lamport Stadium at 8:00pm.

2 min…PFC Wigor Gomes GOAL…Gomes gets cross pass on right, turns and fires from 7 yards on right on sharp angle into left side of net beyond goalie Roy Blanche.

28 min…Croatia Tihomir Maletic GOAL…PFC goalie Mike Silva error as he tried to dribble with ball after receiving back pass with plenty of time to clear, falls and Maletic puts ball into open net from 8 yards.

34 min…Croatia Tihomir Maletic GOAL…Maletic gets ball at 18 yards and dribbles between two defenders for 10 yard shot under sprawling goalie into left side of net.

88 min…PFC goalie Ian Cummings (played the 2nd half) earns a Yellow card for grabbing Croatia Tihomir Maletic at the shoulder as he running by him in the box. Maletic is injured on the play. Referee David Barry awarded a Penalty kick.

90 min…Croatia Hayden Fitzwilliams GOAL…Fitzwilliams Penalty kick is a low blast to left corner of net as goalie slides to right.

97 min…PFC Danny Amaral GOAL…Amaral 22 yard shot has leaping goalie get palm to it but deflects ball back into own net from 12 yards.

Final Score:……Portugal FC……..2……….Toronto Croatia……….3……..

Attendance was about 250 on this warm evening. The Rogers television broadcast was at Centennial Stadium this week.

The result was somewhat of a surprise as Portugal had some big wins lately. Both teams should easily make the playoffs beating out teams in the weaker National Division.

The momentum of the game changed about a minute before the Croatia first goal and lasted until the end of the first half. The second half was more even.

Rocket Robin


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Astros lost 3-1 to Brampton this afternoon (Saturday) at Esther Shiner in North York. It was 3-0 at halftime.

Lions played very well. Astros were missing a bunch of players and had to use their bench and reserves to fill out the roster for the game.

I'm sure Robin will give us his summary, which will be better than mine

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Yeah!! what happen to the Astros today? their team was missing so many starting players!! in the first half they were inexistent but in the second they should had won the game though. They missed 4 or 5 goals inside the 18 yb.

Good for Brampton, they look to be the hungrier of the two teams. I think they clinched a play off spot but I'm not completely sure about that.

The 30 something year old Mella was the best player on the field. The Astros missed alot of goals and their defense made alot of mistakes.

The referee was terrible for both teams, he had no personality whatsoever, he almost ruin the game.

I heard that London almost pulled an upset in Montreal but Trois Rivieres came out big once again, good for London to take all the games seriously till the end, not like what Windsor has been doing lately.

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Result of the Saturday September 20th, 2008 CSL game between North York Astros and Brampton Lions played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 3:00pm.

4 min…Lions Jeremy Shepperd GOAL…Astros defender clearance at 20 yards deflects off Lions player and ball pops up over to right where Shepperd gets 12 yard tough angle shot from right into center of open net with goalie Joshua Lemos out of net.

20 min…Lions Daniel Nascimento GOAL…Lions Jeremy Shepperd 30 yard freekick up middle has ball popped up and Nascimento heads ball in from 10 yards on left into left side of net.

39 min…Lions Jeremy Shepperd GOAL…Shepperd gets ball when he takes it off Astros Carlos Zeballos and kicks low 10 yard roller from left into right corner of net. Zeballos was injured on the play.

90 min…Astros Selvin Lemmie GOAL…Astros Johnathan Hurtis 18 yard freekick blasted off bar and bounces out and Lemmie heads 8 yarder into left side of net over goalie Kevin Doyle.

Final Score:……North York Astros……1………Brampton Lions………3……….

Attendance was about 200 in my estimate but it was phoned up to the press box as 209. By special request I was asked not to report attendance anymore as sponsors buy up seats so there may be many more tickets sold than actually show up. Yes..I agree as that's how I report TFC games like last week where I said nearly 10% of fans didn't show up for the rain soaked game.

I also heard more about the playoffs. The final will be held at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York unless the two final teams are Toronto Croatia and Serbian White Eagles against each other. In that case, the game will be at Lamport Stadium in Toronto. There will be no awards banquet this year but awards will be given out either after the game or at halftime right on the field.

Before the game a man in a Lions windbreaker came over to talk to Ennio the PA announcer saying his team wouldn't win any more games this year and would miss the playoffs. We listened to him but after he left we talked about that hardly being a morale booster for his team. I used my binoculars to look over at the Lions bench and I didn't notice him so maybe he was just a worried parent.

I'd heard that Lions had a lot of player changes and were falling in the standings so I wondered if they would a lot different with many of the summer players returning to school. Today also supposedly had about six Astros players missing for personal events like weddings etc. There were some players I recognized absent from the listed roster and they had a shorter bench.

Lions controlled the game for the first 30 minutes and that was enough time for them to get off to a good lead.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Sunday September 21st, 2008 CSL game between Italia Shooters and TFC Academy played at St Joan of Arc Catholic High School in Maple at 4:00pm.

47 min (1st Half)...Shooters Tristan Murray GOAL...Shooters Fitzroy Christey pass from right is low into crowd of players in box and Murray blasts ball from midair from 15 yards that's under flying goalie Sotiri Varlokostas into center of net.

69 min...Shooters Murphy Wiredu GOAL...Shooters Jason DeThomasis flicks ball forward on right from 20 yards and Wiredu charges forward to chip 10 yarder over sliding goalie into net.

74 min...TFCA Daniel DiBiagio earns Yellow card for knock of Shooters Kadian Lecky inside left side of TFCA box. Referee John Oliva awards Shooters a Penalty kick.

75 min...Shooters Kadian Lecky GOAL...Lecky blasts Penalty kick down middle and has crumpling goalie get a hand to it but it was shot too hard for him to grab or slap away.

85 min...Shooters Murphy Wiredu GOAL...Shooters Desi Humphrey given pass on left as he charges to goal and he boots low 15 yarder into right side of net. Shooters Stalin Cardenas on right had stopped his run as he knew he was offside.

87 min...TFCA Erick Olazabal GOAL...Olazabal low 20 yard shot is into right side of net beyond diving goalie Ramon McIntosh.

90 min...Shooters RED card...Fitzroy Christey gets card for retaliation of push on sideline at Shooters 30 yard line.

.............TFCA YELLOW card...Ashtone Morgan for his part in starting the pushing incident.

.............Shooters YELLOW card...Jason DeThomasis for kicking ball over the fence after the initial whistle.

94 min...game ends.

Final Score:..........Italia Shooters..........4.............TFC Academy...........1...............

Attendance was about 200 people on this mild sunny afternoon but the temperature was falling quickly by the second half. Fans were divided about 1/3 for Shooters, 1/3 for TFC Academy, and 1/3 for the ball retrievers from North York Azzuri (parental pride).

Camilo Benzi was in the net for Shooters until he was subbed at 83 minutes to give Ramon McIntosh some playing time.

This was a good wide open game with attack and counterattack up and down the pitch the entire game. I thought there was one change that rattled the TFC Academy up until then good defensive play--it was in the second half when they subbed their captain Dominic Roberts who'd taken a knock in the head at 22 yards when the TFC goalie and him crashed together when they were trying to stop a cross meant for Shooter Kadian Lecky who sidestepped this sandwich on the right side of the box. Brought into the game at halftime was Johnathan Lao who played at midfield and they brought back Daniel DiBiagio. He played with defenders Jordan Kotstopolous and Gino Mauro as a three-man defensive line much the same as the 1st half but the Shooters were by this time timing their runs better to get break throughs. Shooters Murphy Wiredu was brought in for the second half and was very effective. DiBiagio was the one caught pulling on Kadian Lecky for the Penalty kick call. DiBiagio was subbed off at 80 minutes.

Kadian Lecky was very anxious to take the Penalty kick. He was involved at 24 minutes when Jason DeThomasis told him to start his run as he waited for a high ball from his own end and gave him a flick header over the defenders at 40 yards and Lecky on a breakaway at 30 yards and his 20 yard shot was over the sliding goalie who was 15 yards out and hit the right post and a defender cleared. At 48 minutes, Lecky beat a defender and rounded the goalie and took a 15 yard roller to elude the retreating defender he's just beaten and it hit the left post and the ball was cleared.

TFC Academy fans were generally well behaved (I was not at the game when there was a post game fight with parents attacking players from Portugal FC that led to the dropping of player Adrian Pena) until the red card incident. I suppose TFC management had talked it over with the remaining parents. I'll have to ask the next time I catch this team what the team makeup will be next year. ie. Will it always be a team of 17 year olds as the team that plays in the CSL Reserves league is 16 and will they move up? Will some of this year's team move up to the MSL Reserves team or disperse for college and university teams?

TFC Academy needs a win or two to climb into the playoffs and gets the opportunity with two games against Windsor Border Stars next weekend.

Rocket Robin


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quote:Originally posted by mikesoccer

Hey I was wondering what happen with the Brampton Team, they seem to have lost their captian and his Brother, One mid field he was real fast a left foot and what happened with their kepper?

players come and go in the CSL. It's unfortunate.

Last time I watched Brampton play, they had a skillful, quick player wearing #8 that I was impressed with but he wasn't there on Saturday.

Talking about keepers, Astros must have gone through at least 5 or 6 this year.

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