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Viewing Parties September 10th


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Going to get into the habit of stickying this topic.

Check the appropriate topics for any changes in plans which occur, additional information or to post questions which may otherwise get missed in this topic.

Montreal will be revisiting McLean's Pub 120 rue Peel. Local kickoff at 9 PM. Still up in the air where exactly in the venue the Vs are gathering (upstairs/downstairs) but look around they shouldn't be too far from a television showing the match. Don't know if the venue is minor friendly.


Ottawa is tentatively set for St. Louis Bar, 399 Elgin. Local kickoff is 9 PM. Be sure to check the topic as this get together remains a work in progress.


Toronto is a mixed bag of venues in large part due to the fact the various TFC Supporters Groups have their home pubs already. Check out the various TFC forums for greater info.


Winnipeg's viewing party for Wednesday's match is confirmed for Players Sports Bar 2184 McPhillips. Local kickoff time is 8 PM. The match will be shown in the private room at the back of Players. When you walk in just head past the pool tables to the bar and look to your right, you'll find it. Players is a pool hall and minor friendly.


Victoria looks like they'll be having their get together in the lounge at The Traveller's Inn City Centre 1961 Douglas Street. Local kickoff time is 6 PM. Unknown whether minor are allowed in the lounge or not.


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