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  1. I like the Impact Montréal olé heard in the highlights...good job 127! And yeah, Big O sucks for the sound.
  2. Hopefully only to get loaned somewhere where he can play.
  3. I don't follow enough all of the academies to have a good judgment over this but I've always thought Maxime Crépeau had great potential. He's been really spectacular the few times I've seen him play with the Académie. Hasn't done as good with national teams but hopefully that will change soon.
  4. I think we have a pretty good team...we added some much needed quality and depth at the offensive midfielder/winger position with Pisanu, got rid of our worst players during the year (Wahl, Braun, Thomas, Ricketts, Fucito and so on) and this season most players will already know each other so the chemistry should be way better and it wasn't too bad already, especially at midfield. + We have some pretty decent young players : Wenger, Felipe, Warner, Ouimette, Iapichino, and hopefully we can add Smith to that list as we need some depth on the left side...
  5. Given the players that we have, he seems like a pretty good fit for the team. But are our team and coach a good fit for the league? In other words will they be able to have success in this league? This it what worries me.
  6. http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/126531/4/watch-canada-vs-honduras-[wc-qualifying].html
  7. It's pretty hard to make yourself heard in that stadium but I think we did ok...
  8. I like it except for the Brovsky thing. Anyways I hope he surprises me but I won't hold my breath... That said, being the first game of the season, I have to be100% behind him and the team
  9. Yup. We did suck in the second half but as phil said, we were missing a good bunch of starters. The thing is we have to get used to that and our replacements need to be better. Bernier, Martins and Arnaud played well so our central midfield looks good I think. Glad we have them. Neagle and Brovsky didn't play well and Ricketts was average at best.
  10. Good possession in the last 10 minutes. The forwards don't try to shoot enough...
  11. The Impact HAS to win this one. The league is a joke this year. If we don't win, it's gonna be a loooong season. Atleast you guys have an enjoyable league to play in. But then again, the Impact hasn't shown that they're ready to face MLS teams. Vancouver still hasn't won the Voyageurs Cup, so they'll really want to win it. We need...a miracle.
  12. And...a third one! http://www.ultrasmontreal.com/2011/04/11/le-23-avril-tous-au-stade-3/ Tous au stade!
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