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Questions about USL D1 rules


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I have a few questions about USL D1 rules.

1) I know that there isn't an official salary cap, but I read on bigsoccer that the clubs do meet once a year to "agree" on next season's club budgets. The suggestion is that although the official rules allow for a big spender to come in and even outspend MLS clubs, there is some type of collusion occurring to keep budgets down and preserve some degree of parity. Any thoughts on this?

2) What are, and have been, the largest player salaries in USL1? I heard that Wynalda got $75K to pick USL1 over MLS towards the end of his career, and I remember someone suggested on a internet forum that Romario was getting $250K from Miami. Does anyone know if any of this is true? What are/were the highest USL salaries?

3) What are the highest transfer fees, paid and received, in USL history?

4) A simple roster question: how many foreigners are a USL1 club allowed? I know Americans and Canadians are now considered domestics on both sides of border, so I want to know how many spots are left for any gifted young Brazilian/Argentinian players?

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