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  1. You can get all your Brit-ball for free at eplsite.com This site offers EPL, SPL, UEFA CL, and even F1 racing. There are multiple streams, but you are mostly getting BBC commentary and news. The home page is damn slow to load (start a few minutes early), and the stream is not always stable, but I am sure you will find the patience for it with the extra dozen beers a month that you can buy with what you are now paying for Setanta. When one stream has a problem, the administrator posts in the commentary box to either reload or provides a link to another stream that is working, so it is real
  2. Setanta needs fresh content during the summer so that subscribers don't notice that they are paying a ridiculous sum of money for reruns. There is a business argument to be made here, but I do think that it will hurt TFC. EPL fans and TFC fans only partially overlap. I refuse to pay that much for one channel, so I will find other ways to watch it. When TFC moved 21 games to GolTV this year, I got the channel (had it in the past, but then dropped it for over a year), as I felt that all those games justified the monthly cost. I am willing to pay for soccer instead of using internet streams
  3. I know how you feel. I could not get in here for long periods of time (many months - although it is not like I tried every day or even every week) after the website changed. To this day, I still have problems with about half the posts I try to write not getting through. Since I used to write somewhat lengthy posts that required some time and effort, the frustration was too much and I would usually give up. That is the main reason why I rarely post here now. I wonder if all the bugs/gremlins in this site has led to a decrease in the amount of posts and quality of debate here. I suspect th
  4. The two main areas to find soccer-supporting celebs would be Vancouver and Toronto. If you can get Steve Nash (perhaps Southsiders talk to Martin), then a lot of contacts open up. Michael J Fox is a BC boy who always does videos to support things. Pamela Anderson is a BC girl who always does videos and should be easy to get (insert punchline here). As for Toronto, both Bieber and Avril Lavigne played soccer as kids and are frequently in Toronto (Avril might have a home in Toronto), so they would be big gets. I don't know if Drake likes soccer, but he is a Toronto guy and friends with Bie
  5. Rob Friend has the size and strength to handle the physicality of MLS. TFC is highly dependent on Gordon's health right now, and Friend is a superior big #9 (more like Dichio - but could arrive here at a younger age). The problem is that I don't think this past year or so for Friend justifies him being signed by a DP, but he has done enough in the past for a few German clubs to offer him more than the DP cap. He is in that tricky middle zone of being able to command wages in Europe that are MLS DP wages, but not a big enough name for some people to consider him a DP. Of course, the Whitecaps h
  6. I hope that we do get the toughest opponents possible this fall. We can beat any of those teams anyways, so we should want to see our team receive decent practice. Also, you can talk about 2.5X points all you want, but beating up on a team ranked 200th won't get you many points. Taking two wins against the 120th ranked team will get you something.
  7. The ref and the keeper are always the two biggest targets for match fixing. Unless you are going for some truly exotic bet, it does not make sense to bribe many outfield players. The CBs perhaps. Good strikers still score in fewer than half the games they play in (even those with better than 1/2 ratio - braces and hat-tricks make up for more numerous scoreless games), so bribing a striker to not score is pointless unless it is a "number of missed PKs" type of long-odds bet. If there is enough betting action on CSL games to justify having several European and Asian bookies paying guys to a
  8. I can't imagine anyone being surprised by this. I remember mentioning this possibility on this board a couple of years ago. Some of the other posters dismissed the idea, but some acknowledged that the CSL is very vulnerable to this due to things like low player/ref pay, lack of public/media scrutiny, no money for investigators, and often no video footage of games. It just seemed obvious to me. You can have a half-dozen guys on cell phones talking to bookies in Asia and Europe - and each one of them is getting paid a bit more than most of the players or the ref! In a league that is so low-
  9. Right to Play is headquartered in Toronto, so you should be able to meet them directly and work everything out. It is a logical choice for sports fans to support them. If you prefer a medical/humanitarian charity, then Global Medic is also based in Toronto and has gotten a lot of media attention for its' work in first Haiti and now Japan. My personal choice would be the CAN (Canadian Athletes Now) Fund. It is based in Toronto, is very well known, and has been around for over a decade with a good reputation. It makes sense for Canadian sports fans to support Canadian athletes. Best of
  10. This is a draw that feel like a loss. We should have won 3-1. I just hope that there are fewer brain cramps in the future because I feel that this team has more talent than others think and they could surprise. The real question is figuring out how long it will take to get all the pieces together. I am worried that Cann and Attakora are less solid than last year. We are completely screwed at RB (Gargan can't do it and Harden should not even be asked to), so we need to bring in a fast/attacking RB. With Yourassowsky back from suspension, either he or Borman might be asked to try RB. I
  11. Oh boy, you better sit down and take a moment. On the plus side, that fro had to create so much aerodynamic drag that I bet he is much faster now!
  12. Yeah, if I had that pic of the fat guy on the couch with the popcorn I would post it. In this case though, I think the topic is legitimate. So . . . we know that players lost confidence in Mitchel pretty quickly, but who were the guys that went partying in Montreal right after the loss to Honduras? Things like that are probably a good clue as you want players who feel the same way as the fans do after a loss like that (wanting to puke), rather than just shrug the shoulders and use the game as paid-for travel excursions.
  13. I agree completely. The rise of China as an economic power will ensure that their clubs will have more money to spend on players, but to become a top league, they will also need legitimacy. Nobody will respect the league if the culture of gambling is not reduced, and the corruption and match fixing eliminated. Otherwise, even the Chinese will stick to supporting EPL clubs. It will take many years for the quality of Chinese players to improve enough for them to form the core of a quality league. In the meantime, clubs will have to use almost all foreigners (unlikely - there could be quotas
  14. The V Cup didn't get much attention outside of this forum until the birth of both TFC and the CCL. TFC increased public/media interest in Canadian soccer, while the CCL led to the real need to have an officially declared Canadian club champion. Figuring out a W-League champion to award one trophy to would be nice - and it would closely approximate what the V Cup initially was for Canada's three USL A League teams - but it would not really do much. If Canada gets two or three WPS teams (Vancouver will do it once they are settled into MLS - if the WPS still exists then - but MLSE won't unti
  15. I follow WPS quite abit and there is alot of great information available on the league's website and on the Big Soccer forums (it is not often I recommend BS, but their Women's Forums are more civilized than the rest of that website), so I will have a go at this. Listing Burnaby in the poll makes sense, since you are refering to the Whitecaps. They are by far the most likely to bring WPS to Canada, although not necessarily to Burnaby. They have had talks with WPS, both sides are interested, and Steve Nash did invest in the league, but it won't happen until the MLS launch is done. The WPS
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