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  1. I'll be there and I'll be loud! I'll admit that I was quiet at times during the Mexico game, but that was mostly because I wouldn't know some of the chants, and with Zach leading it means those chants I may not know go on for 5 minutes. We need to do a better job of educating people of what the chants are before complaining that people are silent. For example in the pre game e-mails I don't recall seeing a songbook or the like, that could've helped. Most supporters in my section were Southsiders and we were hearing chants with French in them which I and many others don't know a lick of. If the
  2. The CanDo? Can do, Candu reactor, can do attitude, a do (party)
  3. I'm in for 5 but totally agree, Mexican fans are organized, they will try to take over the stadium. I hope the CSA is strict with away support otherwise game day could be a very bad experience. Even with Honduras they were scattered all over the park, granted most moved in the 2nd half to the designated section. I fear this voluntary approach will not work at all with Mexico and we and the CSA must be a bit more proactive in getting the message across that only Canadian fans can sit in the rest of the stadium. Mexican fans should be turned away at the doors or relocated immediately if they do
  4. something i'll look to fix, need to get my own streaming server set up
  5. Fro SN1 feed: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/morbital password is "whitecaps"
  6. I'm looking forward to watcching this game on SN later tonight, this streaming camera angle reminds me of the old USL-live days when Van visited PUR
  7. This is the qoute which hits home to me the most: "Disinterest is what sets in when you are emotionally battered to the point where you no longer want to feel pain."
  8. dude, it's called a web stream...
  9. love how that video is such a blatant rip-off of what the whitecaps did... over a year previous... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVbz36wAyPs
  10. yeah cuz scoring 5 goals against a team with 10 men sure showed us... The refs ruined that series, robbed us all of good soccer...
  11. chill trident, expecting someone to travel over 4,000 km to prove to you that they are "leaders" is lunacy! what a ridiculous comment... (shakes head)
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