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Orginial article is here -


Summary below from here -


"The highlights of the women's agreement, according to a U.S. Soccer spokesman:

"* A minimum of 14 players with earn a base salary $70,000 a year. A minimum of six players will make $50,000 a year and up to four more will earn $30,000.

"* Players will get $50,000 apiece for finishing first or earning a gold medal in either the WWC or Olympics, $20,000 for second place or a silver medal and $10,000 for a bronze medal.

"* If the U.S. wins the WWC or in the Olympics, they will have a 10-game victory or celebration tour in which the 20 players will split $1.2 million ($60,000 per player). If the U.S. finishes second, three games will be played for a total of $3,600 per player. If the Americans take third, a three-game tour will follow, which each performer getting $3,333.

"* Each player will receive $10,000 for qualifying for either tournament and another $10,000 if they make the roster.

"* Players will make $1,000 per win for all non-World Cup and Olympic games

"* Depending on the team’s performance, there will be a minimum increase of 20 percent a year or a maximum hike of 27 percent.

"* There will be a residency camp every year for the next three years. The camp will not exceed six total months.

"* There also will be a housing allowance and stipend for moving expenses.

"* If the Women's United Soccer Association returns or a Division I caliber league is launched during the course of the contract, U.S. Soccer would pay a reduced fulltime salary."

I haven't done the math, but according to the article, a player could earn as much as $200,000 in a World Cup or Olympic year.

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So a base cost salary wise for the team 1.5 million a year, in Canada we have roughly 300k female players paying the tax to CSA at about 5 bucks a pop..so the CSA could have competitive salary structure on its on to support the women's game, with ten home games a year adding money to pay for the residency camp operation, i.e. field costs balls etc.. the economic model for National teams is clearly getting better.

Hopefully the CSA will start number crunching.

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^I like you hope you the CSA will do better w/ their/our $ for the WP Presently the WP Seniors live off Sports Canada & COC $ more than CSA $.

Total NT Programs last budget was about 15% ($5M) of the CSA expenses....good years it might be 25%. Of last year the WNT Seniors got less than %5 as the more they got from SC & COC the less the CSA gave them. Compare this to the US WNT Program where they reportly get $10M for their program.

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