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Video: New England v TFC - June 28 08

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June 28, 2008

Commentary - English

Broadcast: Rogers Sportsnet

Video Codec: Xvid

Resolution: 512 X 384

Size: 2 x 350 MB (1 CD)

Container: .avi

1st half: http://adrive.com/public/8dd5a0932d1a5b2d97d985558834b84c7e75444f5aa76e6a1fba4d4aa65afc1e.html

2nd half: http://adrive.com/public/f0e9f60185b0d2308d4c50156f805b7ee959b3bbaee625d87c3aad30b7e445ea.html

This is a direct download and not a torrent.

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Didn't want to start a new thread on this as it's old news but news I hadn't seen reported before - the TFC reserves beat New England's reserves 2-1, with Rosenlund getting one of the TFC goals. TFC had a couple of "guest" players on their team (as did New England):


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