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Who will be the CSA's New WNT Coach & W P Director

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quote:Originally posted by CoachRich

The CSA will need a need WNT Coach & Women's Program Director at the end of Dec. Who's your guess for the job(s)?

I had no idea they had a Women's program director...is it an staff position, or an appointed person sitting on the board...or ?

Where is the reference point for the Director position ?

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Vanda Sanches Londrina, Brasil.

For the Richards, she is a experienced female coach can teach the Futsal game and 11 aside, comes out of university coaching background, has had success getting Londrina City council to pony up 210K reals to fund a womens futsal team in the Copa do Brasil.

Salary probably able to be brought in at budget or lower. Would not be afraid of working hard and travelling to see Canadian players.

Gives us strong technician to change our game.

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