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What if there was an "Open Field Summit"?


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Many of us will remember when our hockey-mad country went into a tizzy back in 1999. We had lost the World Cup, the Olympics, two NHL franchises, the percentage of Canadian-born NHL players had dropped, the most skilled players were coming from Europe...

Administrators, coaches, players, parents, educators and pundits convened at the Open Ice Summit in Toronto, and from that three-day event came many ideas, several of which are in employ. Player development models, coaching education, revised rules, improved governance...

Not too long ago, a new advocacy group was formed, Canada Club Soccer. Many people on this board are probably aware of this initiative, perhaps some even attended their symposium. A visit to their website might help understand their focus: www.canadaclubsoccer.com

I am not suggesting that this initiative offers tangible solutions to the problems that ail soccer in Canada. But it does show that there are like-minded people (and clubs) that want to push for change...even if the group includes the Duze.

Crawford Report aside, the discussions need to start somewhere; perhaps a summit-style symposium with keynote speakers, coaches, players, parents, etc. might help to kick-start the changes needed.

Whether Einstein said it or not, insanity truly is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The Canadian soccer status quo is truly that - insane.

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what is going on with the Canada Club Soccer group.

They held an event a few months ago (I was away on business or I would have attended). i am on their mailing list but I have received nothing from them in months.

Maybe we should email them the press release.

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