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  1. The quality of our technique has not improved much from the 2002 U19s. 13 years on, we remain static, while so many other countries pass us by. Japan, in our Pool in 2002, gained 4 points and sat at -3 in goal differential. Canada beat them 4-nil in the group stage. Within 10 years (2012), Canada was knocked out of the U20 tournament in Japan, while Japan went on to win Bronze. At the senior level, Canada crashed out in last place in 2011, while Japan won that competition. Until we develop a culture of football in Canada, including parental education and improved developmental opportun
  2. Yes, it happens...but watch the replay from each of those missed opportunities. The difference in technique - especially Tancredi vs. Necib - is obvious. Tancredi has been a willing soldier. But that's exactly the issue - we have lots of soldiers, and precious few (if any) artists.
  3. I find Herdman to be so self-aggrandizing, it's actually shameful. And the #doitforchristine thing? Awful team-building effort, that is.
  4. Actually, it is the districts that hold back the provinces, who in turn hold back the CSA. In Alberta, EMSA and CMSA recently threatened to hold back several hundreds of thousands of dollars from the ASA... The continued issue with the Districts is the education (or lack thereof) of the parent volunteers who sit on the Boards. I am not speaking of academics, I am speaking about soccer education. So many of the well-intentioned administrators and directors are not cultured in the game of soccer, nor involved in coaching. They have come into the game to help their children - a lovely motiva
  5. Is no one alarmed at this result? How far behind have we fallen? The CSA brings in Bev Priestman, ostensibly because no one in Canada could deliver the Women's EXCEL Program in the manner imagined by her mentor, John Herdman, and what exactly are the results? An 8-nil loss to Japan.
  6. Alberta will be represented by Edmonton Scottish (Men) and Edmonton Victoria (Women).
  7. A seven year extension? That's a bit much for a football manager, if you ask me.
  8. Take your foot out of your mouth, Holger... http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/soccer-dirty-tackle/socceroos-manager-holger-osieck-says-women-shut-public-131109143.html
  9. Cardiff City striker Robert Earnshaw, 31, is in talks to sign for MLS club Toronto on loan. He had a spell earlier in the season on loan in Israel with Maccabi Tel Aviv. (from the BBC)
  10. You're taking the pish. In 2010, Dunfield was playing in League Two with powerhouse Shrewsbury Town. Lol.
  11. To clarify, I don't have a problem with a person speaking truth to power. Fonseca needs to underscore the challenges before him, and help the Provincial Associations, Districts and Clubs better understand WHY the CSA Technical Department needs more money. But you need to be a Pied Piper, not a Pale Rider. And on the 10,000 hour issue. I have no problem in stating the obvious - Brazilians have an opportunity through their culture, coaching, facilities, socio-economics, etc. to reach their potential at an earlier age. But to say that Brazilian kids are playing football, on average 4
  12. All Voyageurs know only too well the problems facing player development in Canada. Geography, weather, a dearth of suitable facilities (especially Indoor 11-a-side), scatter-gun approach to coaching education, a lack of a coast-to-coast D2/3 Professional league, political agendas and infighting. The list goes on. One of Fonseca's challenges is to cut through these facts to sell a vision that the soccer community can accept and champion. More to the point, find a way to leverage clubs, associations, districts and provinces for more money. With an annual budget of under $20M, it is very
  13. Didn't see this posted anywhere... http://tinyurl.com/7jvoo3z
  14. If Tom and Dave fold the tent, they have only themselves to blame. They entrusted the franchise to a man that has a proven track record of burying soccer in this city; others involved in operations had little or no experience with sports administration, let alone in soccer. Leip is a nice fellow, but has no connections whatsoever with soccer in Canada. Additionally, they released some Alberta-based players, brought in internationals, and now find themselves less competitive than before. P.S. Lodeweges was at the match.
  15. They will be playing at Clarke Park this season.
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