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Los Angeles Game Highlights....


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Having only seen the highlights, I am not sure why everyone is so hard on Lombardo's scoring ability. He did very well to chip the goalie with the outside of his foot on a high bouncing ball that was only cleared off the line by a defender scrambling back; he slotted in a goal from an angle very nicely that was off side (but not before he or the keeper knew that); and he made a very nice turn in the box and narrowly missed while under pressure. If the first one goes in and the second one counts, you would be hailing him as a hero.

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Yeap, Lomardo played well. He beat the goalkeeper three times -- once caught by a close offside, once foiled by a great defensive boot off the goal-line, and once just shy of the bottom corner of the net.

The goals will come.

In some ways he is like Peter Crouch in that he has good natural abilities with first touches and holding the ball. He also is good with head flicks. He has room to improve on these skills and that's more to do with consistency than anything else.

I enjoy his tenacity and work rate so I think the consistency will come, too.

He is not the "complete striker" yet (and may never be because he is not lightening fast) but I think he will really hit his stride when he is matched with a strong finisher.

Cunningham could be that partner. If so, Lombardo becomes the understudy of Dichio as the seasons go by. The kid needs to work on upper body strength, to bulk-up, to enhance his stamina, because he cannot depend on his modest speed and youthfulness to beat big center backs.

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