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  1. I didn't watch the match. If DeGuzman played the key midfield defensive role, for a relegation team, against the offensive talent on the Barca lineup (especially in the middle of the park), and the play was close, and the result was respectable, then, he probably did perform his mission very well. I wouldn't deduct points for lack of attacking content, in such a match by such a key defensive position, but would rather deduct based on errors in fulfilling the mission he was given by his coach and team-mates. As noted above by SthMelbRed, DeGuzman made no rash fouls (meaning he wasn't
  2. Apart from the TFC roster thing, maybe Dichio is interested in some sort of coaching deal at some level with the national team system. Hasn't he said that he is thinking of Canada, longterm?
  3. Neither team had a mega-bucks star player. Most were American. Two Canadians played big roles. Fast and very tough play throughout the 90 minutes. All three goals were worthy of a championship match, anywhere. The keeping at both ends was tough to beat -- two very experienced men with strong defenders, too. Loved the cross that Davis hammered to De Rosario's ready noggin. But Twellman's header was of the same high quality. There were some close calls at both ends of the pitch with slick give and goes through the penalty area. And full marks to the referee. He could have given more ca
  4. In addition to Vancouver and Montreal, has there been (realistic) talk of any other potential location for a Canadina-based MLS expansion team? If not Montreal or Vancouver, then, where? Nowhere?
  5. How I'd prefer to see things develop here: Canadian-based teams should be eligible through winning league or playoff champion spots in the MLS and in the USL. The top of the league plus the playoff winners should both qualify. Second in the league, if the same team wins both league and playoffs. The MLS would get the directly qualified spots in the CCL. The USL would get two spots in the CCL's qualifying group. Or the league champs from both the USL and the MLS go directly and the playoff champs from both go to qualifying stage. That would make for four spots shared by Can
  6. If he goes to Bayern, he will learn more about football as a 3rd than he would as a 1st in the MLS. I hope Kenny has ambitions as big as his shoe size. He plays like he does.
  7. Stalteri would be great for TFC. TFC needs to rebuild their back four and also they need to move Brennan into midfield to lead the transiton play. Stalteri would be a tower of strength and pull the defence together. He is a real leader and at TFC he'd be a highly compatable with Brennan, Dichio, and Edu -- in terms of high workrate and hustle on-the-field. For his sake, I hope he eventually gets a chance to play back home. But, for now, I also hope he recovers from his injury and has a smashing year in the EPL. Go Hotspurs!
  8. A counter-revolution sounds like a good idea. Do the Aussies organize their country's football based on provincial sayso? Do the Americans? The Mexicans? South Koreans? Japanese? ....
  9. Bxl Boy, his wife confirmed that L.A. is doomed? Heh.
  10. I'm guessing that there is more to glean from the absences on the TFC roster than from the lack of goals on TFC's side of the ledger. Any surprises, roster-wise?
  11. I'd rather that TFC plan to win instead of plan to be "more" Canadian. That's what makes the sport the success it is in any other place on earth. If it can't be done that way, then, maybe it shouldn't be done, at all. However, if Canadian content is what brings in the crowds (does it, really?) then TFC will do more rather than less of that, if it can win as well. Maybe this is the approach TFC will take as the hottest franchise in the MLS. If so, then, it sounds like the type of competive sports business that builds championship teams, clubs, and fan(atics) -- and leagues, too.
  12. Here's an intentional naive question: Who gives the CSA its mandate and why doesn't another organization get built, from scratch, to replace it -- or at least to compete with it?
  13. What are the Canadian / American content rules, if any, for the USL?
  14. In Ryan's case, that's a distinction without a difference. Prior to the World Cup, Ryan, and probably most observers, had expected him take the USA team to the Olympics. Now he won't. Ryan made a series of big, and snowballing, mistakes in how he handled the goalkeepers, and the veterans, and it doesn't suprise me that he has been shown the door post-haste.
  15. Brennan should be in midfield. TFC needs to change its entire back four, I think. That is going to be a big challenge for Johnston. Bigger than finding good strikers. Wynne should be wingback, not a winger, not a midfielder. His speed and pure athleticism is not matched with fine ball control. But guts and damned persistence would serve very well in a true wingback role. In fact, that's where the value of players like O'Brien comes in. O'Brien needs to earn back his starting position, given his injuries this year, but I doubt that will be a problem for him. Right midfield is his for
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