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CSL Week 10

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Saturday - July 21, 2007

Victory vaults Windsor

A hard-earned 4-2 victory by Windsor Border Stars over North York Astros at Windsor Stadium vaulted the border team from fourth to second position in the National Conference standings, the only game played in the CSL Saturday.

It was a hard, physical encounter early and Border Stars opened the scoring at the 38th minute on a strike by forward Woreth Sampson. A second goal came seven minutes later when Dominic Scicluna found the net at make it 2-0 and just on half-time North York midfielder Paulo Astorga scored to make it 2-1.

Border Stars’ midfielder Radik Papiez put his team 3-1 up at 58 minutes and striker Aaron Byrd put the game out of reach for Windsor at the 74th minute mark.

Astorga scored his and his team’s second goal at 81 minutes for a 4-2 final score.

There were two players red carded late in the game when Windsor goalkeeper Anthony Santilli was ordered off for handling the ball outside of the box and Astros’ Jose Perez was shown the red card for violent conduct.

Windsor Border Stars jump to second place with an improved 4-6-1 WLT record for 13 points and the Astros are at 3-5-2 for 11 points.

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Result of the Sunday July 22, 2007 CSL game between Canadian Lions and London City played at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough at 8:00pm.

8 min…Lions Nordo Gooden GOAL…Lions Aram Doski from 60 yards chips ball to City defender and he heads ball back to goalie but Gooden intercepts and with goalie Tommy Bianchi who’s standing near edge of box chips ball over him from 22 yards and it one bounces into the center of net.

24 min…Lions Nordo Gooden is pulled down in left side of City box and referee Isaac Raymond awards them a Penalty kick.

25 min…Lions Evan Milward GOAL…Milward blasts Penalty kick low to left as goalie dives left but ball squeezes just inside left post.

26 min…Lions Joe Rini GOAL…Rini rush on right on 2 on 1 break and goalie is decoyed by other player so Rini fires shot himself low from 15 yards and ball is around goalie and into center of net.

33 min…City Bueno Mota GOAL…Mota given pass on right at 20 yards and fires blast in to left side of net past goalie Matthew Willis.

43 min…Lions Marc Jankovic GOAL…Jankovic sends in shot blasted from 35 yards through crowd of players and into right corner of net beyond flying goalie.

57 min…City RED card…Head coach Sean Gauss on the bench is ejected for constantly complaining about calls.

68 min…Lions Evan Milward GOAL…Lions Milos Vuciluc cross from left 12 yards has leaping Milward head ball in from right to left corner of net with two defenders jumping but missing blocking ball.

77 min…A big fight breaks out in the City end with most players on the field getting into the melee.

…………..Lions RED card…Marc Jankovic for his part in fight.

………….City RED card…Dennis Peeters for his part in fight.

84 min…Lions (City own goal) GOAL…Lions Ryan Reese cross from right side of box has City Eugeen Nelson unpressured 1 yard away on the left post head ball into own net.

88 min…Lions Lexton Hurlock GOAL…Hurlock is given pass up middle and after rush from 20 yards shoots into net on 16 yards shot.

91 min…Lions Jelani Smith GOAL…Smith on right side rush boots in 15 yard shot over sprawling goalie to center of net.

Final Score:……..Canadian Lions…….8………London City……..1………

Attendance was about 50 on this mild, calm evening.

Lions kept being called offside in the first part of the game but eventually timed their runs better and were beating any kind of organized offside trap although the City defence collapsed as the game wore on.

City coach Sean Gauss was ejected by referee Isaac Raymond for complaining from the bench. He came into the stands and continued to give orders. Easy to hear in the sparse crowd and with a deep voice like the singer in the speed metal band Sepultura. He definitely played a part in the brawl with his commands to “Finish the job”, “Take him out”, for his players to deliberately injure Marc Jankovic. He was marked for this treatment after his goal at 43 minutes and his reaction to scoring. He flapped his arms like a bird on his run to celebrate. Looking more like a 5 year old and very funny for a man about 6ft5in of more. I don’t think his action was to rub it in but genuine joy as I don’t remember this big defender scoring before. Also more serious was Gauss running onto the field from the stands to join the fight after being ejected. That’s the kind of action that gets the league to give out suspensions.

I talked to City goalie Tommy Bianchi before the game about the professional indoor soccer leagues in North America. He had a gallows humour about tonight’s game. They had been beaten 4-0 by Serbian White Eagles on Friday night. I wouldn’t blame him for any goals and the score could have been twice as much without some point blank saves. Matthew Willis was goalie for the Lions and had some key early saves to prevent City getting an early goal or later to stop them getting back into the game.

Evan Milward and Nordo Gooden are the fastest on the Lions for runs down the middle. Joe Rini and Milos Vuciluc can send in crosses from the wings and cornerkicks although the City defence had an easy time pushing those two small players over.

This was the first win of the season for the Lions in this their twelfth game of the season in both league and Open Canada Cup play. They’ve also had four ties. What a way to end that slump! I was wondering whether the team would keep their morale--in that they hadn’t lost by more than two goals all year or would they start losing by let’s say an 8-1 score, lose hope and become like Durham Flames, Durham Storm, or Caribbean Selects where by the end of the season they had trouble fielding a full team as their players became more frustrated? There was no let up because the Lions scored three of their goals in the last ten minutes when they made a last mass substitution and two of those players scored goals. A hungry bench is good.

Rocket Robin


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