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Jeremy Bosekota (interesting)


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Thanks to "Zidane la banane" on the impactsoccer.com/forum for this info:



This guy grew up in Quebec and is playing with Derby County reserves at the moment. He played with FC Select Rive Sud (1999-2003) in Quebec. He then went to Amiens in France.

His brother, Axel Bofunda Bosekota , is reported to be with Anderlecht.

I'm just wondering if they are from Belgium (because the wikipedia article about Derby players list him with a Belgium flag).

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quote:Originally posted by ANC2

He already played for Canada youth team and Quebec Provincial Team but I believe he never got Canadian Citizeanship

Thanks, so since he wasn't born here and never got the canadian citizenship I don't think he's eligible to play for us (if he hasn't any familly tie here)

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