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2006 USL D1 Playoffs - First Round [R]


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September 15 - 7:30 PM EDT - at Charleston

September 17 - 7:30 PM EDT - at Puerto Rico

Live and archived pay-per-view video Webcast for first match: Charleston Battery

Live radio/audio Webcast for second match: CNN 1450 AM Charleston

Winner plays (2) Rochester in Semifinals on September 22 & 24.


September 15 - 10:00 PM EDT - at Vancouver

September 17 - 6:00 PM EDT - at Miami

Live television for first match: Shaw TV Vancouver

Live radio/audio Webcast for both matches: AM730 Vancouver

Text match tracker for both matches: Vancouver Whitecaps

Winner plays (1) Montreal in Semifinals on September 22 & 24.

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First leg final:

Charleston 2  Puerto Rico 2

22' PR Marcina

53' CHA Armstrong

60' PR Gonzalez

89' CHA Glinton

USL Official Match Information

Charleston Battery report

The Post and Intelligencer (Charleston) report

First leg final:

Vancouver 4  Miami 1

12' VAN Testo

35' VAN Gjertsen

44' VAN Lyall

64' MIA Romario

88' VAN Donatelli

USL report

USL Official Match Information

Vancouver Whitecaps report

Miami FC report

Miami Herald report

- Miami did not have Zinho.

- Vancouver dominated throughout and continued to attack even with the lead. Lilley said that he views the series as one 180-minute match, so perhaps this strategy isn't so surprising and he'll bunker in the Miami heat.

- Miami picked things up slightly after their goal, but Vancouver took over again to end the game and got a huge fourth goal. There is no away-goal rule.

- Romario did nothing all game until scoring on a free kick, then did nothing afterwards. But he was classy after the game, spending a lot of time greeting fans, posing for pictures, signing autographs.

- Overall, a very entertaining match, even just listening to it. Miami did not play defensively (just 3 at the back), but didn't have enough offensively to break Vancouver down. Vancouver could have scored several more goals.

- Attendance: 5,437

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quote:Originally posted by Blue and White Army

Sounds like the Vancouver players put in a great performance that lasted the entire match. Hopefully they won't blow the 3-goal lead like they have in the past!

If Vancouver can get by Miami and then Montreal....

A good reason for a B & W Army return to the west coast.

The Whitecaps have a quiet confidence going right now. They expect to win every game and are trying to make up for years of playoff futility.

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Second leg, halftime:

Miami 0  Vancouver 1

45'+3' VAN Sebrango

Vancouver did not bunker in the first half and even seemed to be getting more chances than Miami, but I missed some of the half. There were 8 minutes of stoppage time because Jay Alberts was stretchered off, then his replacement Dave Morris was seriously injured within seconds of coming on and had to come off as well. Miami have Zinho back, but are now without Mario "Loco" Rodriguez.

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Whitecaps: 2 - Miami 0

45th - Eddie Sebrango

64th - Martin Nash

Vancouver wins two game aggregate goals series 6-1.

Whitecap goals both scored by former Montreal Impact players who Vancouver will face in an all-Canadian semi-final. The semi-final series will kick off on Friday night in Vancouver.

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Second leg final:

Miami 0  Vancouver 2

45'+3' VAN Sebrango

64' VAN Nash


Vancouver 6  Miami 1

Second leg final:

Puerto Rico 0  Charleston 1

53' CHA Armstrong

The goal was scored on a 25-yard free kick. The match ended with an altercation between a Puerto Rico player and the referee, possibly with a punch thrown, and then some Puerto Rico "fans" chasing the referee and linesmen out of the stadium!


Charleston 3  Puerto Rico 2

Canadian angle: Marcina's out, but Watson's in.

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