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Some advice that applies to our national programs


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"We do need to get more of our younger talented players in Europe. We need them in a year-round soccer environment. We need them playing in more intense games to help develop them mentally, as well as soccer wise." ~ United States Coach Bruce Arena.

Arena’s statements following the U.S. elimination from World Cup 2006

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All countries, whether they're Asian, African, Australian,

and even those from the Western Hemisphere, aspire to have their

players compete in the best leagues of the world, and that's in Europe.

That really means EPL, La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga, and Ligue 1.

But that doesn't mean that domestic leagues are to be disregarded.

They're stepping stones to better competition. Arena, despite his

apparent slap on MLS, is probably correct and meant to address the

critics of his MLS-laden team.

The good news for us, is the number of Canadians that are being trained

in the football schools of Europe, and hopefully it would translate

to quality players that would (hopefully) play for the Maple Leaf.

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