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C.S.L Week 7

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Result of the Friday June 23, 2006 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and Laval Dynamites played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

45 min (injury time)…Dynamites RED card…Defender Lona Ouaidou earns his second yellow card from referee Amato DeLuca for a sliding tackle on the edge of the LD box. (His first was picked up 21 minutes earlier for shirt tugging).

2nd Half:

45 min 20 seconds…White Eagles Gabriel Pop GOAL…Pop gets fed ball by WE Mihajlo Bacanin up the left wing and he rushes in and his 15 yard shot is into the short left corner of net behind diving goalie Angelo Olivieri who was expecting a cross.

72 min…White Eagles Gabriel Pop GOAL…Mihajlo Bacanin on left rolls centering cross that Pop slides and connects with on low shot to right corner of net from 10 yards. Nenad Stojcic had pushed a pass through to Bacanin on left from 40 yards.

Final Score:……Serbian White Eagles………2…………..Laval Dynamites………0………

Attendance was about 1100 on this mild evening that cooled off as the night wore on. With Serbia-Montenegro out of the World Cup in three games, the souvenir stand had a large supply of the Serbian car flags that were selling at sports stores up until a few days ago.

White Eagles kept getting flagged for offside so much that some fans took up a sarcastic chant every time their team was on a rush. I knew as the game wore on and after the red card that they would eventually spring it.

White Eagles could have put it away much earlier but for the goaltending of Angelo Olivieri. He guessed right on all but one occasion for staying back or charging out to clear through balls. Sasa Viciknez had him trapped off his line at 63 minutes but he shot wide. Dusan Belic was the goalkeeper for the White Eagles and didn’t have many difficult saves to make. Part of the White Eagles early strategy was for Belic to punt the ball downfield and have the forwards rush the Laval defence and try to overwhelm them. The Dynamites defence was pretty good with Gilbert Ilouanusi, Abraham Francois (ex-Lynx player), Loan Ouaidou (at least until the red card), and Sandro Addessa playing well. A strong defence was offset by them only having ‘Ammar’ and Rachid Madkour up front and usually no more than two on six rushes. White Eagles midfield of Alex Braletic, Bozo Milic, Nenad Stojcic, Mihajlo Bacanin, and Milan Janosevic kept feeding the balls to forwards Gabriel Pop and Nikola Budalic.

Laval came to the game with only two subs for the start of their three games in three days tilt through Toronto with a game tomorrow night against Caribbean Selects and a Sunday game with Italia Shooters. As teams have to play eleven road games to cut expenses Laval come on five weekend road trips and one weekend is a three game weekend. They better hope for reinforcements tomorrow or that Red cards aren’t tabulated into suspensions until the next week or they could be in trouble.

White Eagles have drawn the USL Toronto Lynx in the next round of the Open Canada Cup. Their both play their home games at Centennial Stadium. By random drawing the coincidence is hard to believe but works out good for the league. How many more than 73 would the Astros get if they were the home team drawn against the Lynx? At least the White Eagles would supply their loyal 1000 and if the Lynx could bring their fans it will be quite a showcase. Sure the draw must have been partially rigged to have Laval play an Ottawa area team. So the World Cup draw is partially ‘fixed’ too as by strictly random draw, there’d be a strong possibility one group might have four European teams.

The Lynx could be haunted by one player that used to play for them but now play for the White Eagles. Nikola Budalic played a midfielder tonight for the first 45 minutes of the game. He was a candidate for USL rookie of the year back in 2002.

Rocket Robin


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Sat, June 24, 2006


London City had most of the play and most of the chances. But Windsor Border Stars had the only goal -- and that's all that really counts.

Windsor defeated London City 1-0 last night in Canadian Soccer League play at Cove Road, another tough loss at home.

"I'm disappointed, we deserved better than what we got," said coach Harry Gauss. "We created a lot of chances, but couldn't connect. The bottom line is you have to put the ball in the net."

City came out of the half trailing 1-0, but they deserved better.

Radek Papiez scored for Windsor when the City defence parted like the Red Sea. Papiez walked in from the top of the 18-yard box and beat starting goalie Haidar Al-Shaibani with a low shot. It was one of few good chances Windsor had.

City, on the other hand, had at least five good chances. With the insertion of 17-year-old striker Jose Bruno Mota from Hull, Que., City was as lively up front as they've been all year.

"He's got a lot of talent," said Gauss. "This is the level he has to produce at. He wants to go to Europe and play there, so he has to produce here. If he can't here, he won't make it.

"He's a crowd's delight. He got here at 2 a.m. and died a little in the second half, but he showed quite a bit."

City worked the ball well through the middle and when Windsor closed that up, London used the speed of Mota and Michel Daoust to give the Border Stars trouble.

The two best chances for City game off great passes from midfielder Johan Wikman.

In the fifth minute, he found Daoust through the middle, sending in him alone. Daoust hammered a shot that Border Stars goalkeeper Anthony Santilli stopped with his legs. The ball came down just over the top of the net.

In the 29th minute, Wikman found Mota with an identical pass. Mota went in alone as well and his hard shot was parried by Santilli.

Mota beat the Border Stars defence again in the 41st minute. He managed to evade a charging Santilli, but couldn't get enough on his shot and the ball was cleared by a Windsor player.

City again had injury trouble in net. Al-Shaibani came off with a shoulder problem in the 37th minute to be replaced by Ibrahim Hadzic, who was hurt against Oakville Blue Devils last week and still wasn't 100 per cent.

But Hadzic provided some stability. He acted like a sweeper, charging out to cut out any long balls. Unorthodox but effective, he was all over the field.


The Canadian Soccer League women's Canada Cup schedule has been changed again. There will only be two games at Cove Road today. Markham will play Brampton at 5:30 p.m. and London City Lady Selects will play the Border Stars at 8:30 p.m.

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Result of the Saturday June 24th, 2006 CSL game between Caribbean Selects and Laval Dynamites played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 7:00pm.

44 min…Selects John Lewis GOAL…Lewis on right end line crosses from 15 yards, LD goalie Hamed Mahmoudi catches ball as he falls but he bobbles it and pushes ball behind end line before he can tuck it in. Referee’s assistant signals for a goal.

79 min…CS Fuad Mude is called for a hand ball in the CS box on an LD cross. Referee Yakov Kemakh awards a penalty kick.

80 min…Dynamites Rachid Madkour GOAL…Madkour blasts his Penalty kick low and diving goalie pushes ball onto left post. Ball deflects off post and rebounds for charging Madkour to blast show in to right side of net from 4 yards.

84 min…Dynamites Ammar Badawiem GOAL…LD Ceasar Castro cornerkick from right has Badawiem head ball in from 8 yards into top left corner of net on leaping header.

90 min…Selects Steven Craig GOAL…Craig stops weak CS 35 yard shot up middle and turns and fires 20 yard shot into top right corner of net.

Final Score:……….Caribbean Selects………2………..Laval Dynamites……….2……….

Attendance was 20 (twenty) which included White Eagles owner Ken Stanojevich and Italia Shooters owners Tony and Cindy DeThomassis who’d be scouting for tomorrow’s game against Laval. The soccer game after this game had about 60 people watching an Asian league. The Selects still over a month until their ‘home’ stadium Birchmount has been renovated and will be ready to occupy. I ran the scoreboard but couldn’t announce the goals because I didn’t have a line-up until after the game.

Selects goalie Ramon McIntosh had to be brilliant many times in the second half as a Dynamites player would often be alone up the middle at close quarters. At 48 minutes, LD Rachid Madkour raced up the middle from 25 yards on a through ball and his kick was partially blocked by the goalie and deflected off a defender’s foot and hit the crossbar. The goalie was back up in time to catch the rebound off the crossbar. At 58 minutes, LD Ceasar Castro charged up to blast a centered ball from 12 yards that was blocked by flying goalie standing 3 yards off line. At 74 minutes Madkour centering pass (soon after his own shot was saved) had Hicham Aaboubou’s 15 yard shot caught by flying goalie. Aaboubou was in on a 2 on 1 rush at 87 minutes and crossed that the goalie was able to push wide right.

The Selects goalie did get a break at 41 minutes when Andrew Oliviera (who played goal in last night’s game) received a cornerkick cross and his 25 yard blast is stopped by a defender on the right post that deflects for cornerkick. Dynamites missed a good chance at 68 minutes when LD Sandro Addesso beat a defender and his low cross from the left had a sliding LD Madkour miss connecting from 1 yard on the right post.

Dynamites made their one replacement at 56 minutes when Arturo Cisneros replaced Nicholas Knowland. I thought they would bring some more players in from Montreal today. Last night’s game may be understandable because of work commitments but tonight they were even shorter because they couldn’t use Lona Ouaidou who’d been Red carded against Serbian White Eagles. Still the players who were there made a good effort and actually looked better in the second half when I’d expect they’d be tiring. The Dynamites still have another game against Italia Shooters on this three games in three days road trip. Shooters should be favourites in that game.

Rocket Robin


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The CSL Tonight Sunday, June 25

There were four games in the CSL tonight:

Brampton Stallions 6, London City 0

Italia Shooters 1, Laval Dynamites 1

Oakville Blue Devils 3, St. Catharines Wolves 1

Serbian White Eagles 3, North York Astros 2

London City received a wake up call in a one sided game at the hands of the Stallions

Helio Junior struck at the 33 and 39 min. mark

Clayton queira at the 51 and 78 min. mark

Andre Anbrade at the 83 min. mark

Michael Aigokie stuck at the 90 min. mark for the Brampton Stallions 6-0 victory.

Goal keeper Samora Myles recorded the shut out

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Stallions trample City

Mon, June 26, 2006


London City's downward spiral in the Canadian Soccer League continued yesterday in Brampton as the hometown Stallions handed London a lopsided 6-0 defeat.

"I'm totally dumfounded," said coach Harry Gauss. "We outchanced them and we still lose."

Gauss said he knew it was going to be a long night when City hit two goal posts midway through the first half only to see Brampton's Junior Helichio put away both his chances in the 33rd and 39th minute for a 2-0 halftime lead.

Brampton went up 3-0 when Clayton Quiera scored in the 51st minute.

London had a chance to cut into the Stallions' lead moments later but Bruno Mota missed an empty net from in close.

The Stallions put the game out of reach when Andre Anbrabe scored in the 78th minutes and Michael Aigbokie added a pair in the dying moments.


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