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Polish Hooligan Video


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Someone posted this on bigsoccer and it is pretty interesting. Had some similar experiences to this a few times in Germany. Interesting article in Spiegel about German police worries that Poland will have a significant hooligan presense at the WC because their hools want to join the top class of hooligans like Germany, England and Italy:


I think there will be problems in Germany this year. There are just too many hooligans in Germany itself and too many nearby countries with significant hooligan problems to avoid this.

The video is here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8136796657482173595&q=hooligans&pr=goog-sl

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I found the security presense leading the fans to the stadium pretty cool. Porto are playing Benfica on Sunday and the official Porto supporters groups are bringing 2,000 fans to the game. They are parking at Sporting's stadium and walking with a massive police escort to the Benfica stadium.

All the Porto fans are also receiving a surgical mask as the Bird Flu is now in Europe and with Benfica's mascot being an eagle, well, you know...

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this is a short clip from a documentry called "Klatka" ( THE CAGE) its funny how they say TYPICAL soccer game. Its ot like this happens all the time. Alot of it happens outside of the stadium and outside of the public view just like in any other european country. Also its Lech Poznan and Legia warszawa not Arka and legia like they guy has written ( in rather poor english I might add)

If you want to see polish fans in action take a look

Legia Warszawa






A nice vid about Lech poznan fans


Widzew Lodz (currently the leaders in the II div)


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