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Improving Canada's Image/Respect


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Lets face is, Canada is not well repected in the soccer world. Even in Canada there are people saying, Canadian National Soccer team??? What are you talking about.

We all want that to change, obviously, so let talk about what needs to be done for it to change.

1. Improve FIFA ranking. I think this is a must. We all no the FIFA rankings are crap, but thats what gets media attention. Even if this means playing small countries that are ranked in the 70's. The USA has done the same thing over the years and look at them now. We should use the USA structure as a tool to help us.

2. More Friendly- this goes hand in hand with improving the FIFA rankings. More friendly games at home will increase a fan base and furthermore create more sponsors. MORE MONEY is a result. 'gotta spend some money to make big money'

3. MLS/ Pro Soccer- We need more than just Toronto. The CSA should now turn to Montreal and Vancouver for 2010, possibly soon. They lead the way with Toronto and were successful with it. With a stadium going up in Montreal by 2007 or 8 and a already SOLID fan base, it’s a no brainier. This goes with Vancouver too.


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quote:Originally posted by Daniel

1. Get better.

That is all.

It's not that Canada isn't respected in the soccer world, it's that no one cares, including most Canadians.

true most Canadians dont care about ther NT, just look at the stadiums when they play, its empty:(

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