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Chicago plan major Tifo display for SSS in '06


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The Section 8 boys have budgeted thousands of dollars for a major Tifo display at the home opener of their new stadium at bridgeview. Read on folks, these guys think big:

quote:the presentation at the Bridgeview Home Opener in 2006 which should and will be conducted on a scale unknown in the United States. At least 50% of our financial resources will be set aside in 2005 to achieve this goal.....

1. 22000 streamers in red and white at players' entrance thrown (almost) perfectly on a countdown with the speaker's assistance. Cost: $8000 (hopefully)......

etc, etc.


As we know, Section 8 are not to be underestimated. It could be spectacular.

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quote:Originally posted by Polish_LYNX_Fan

I posted that in a different thread on here before i think. They Bridgeview opener will be HUGE. Respect to Section 8

Yes, you posted it in the Voyageur Get-together thread, but I think it needs to be highlighted again. Sectionn 8 are really upping the Fan-support stakes.

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