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There is a 50% possibility that I will be able to go to Rio de Janeiro for New Year's this year - WOO-HOO!

Except it pretty much hinges on finding a cheap place to stay (ideally close to the beaches)for me and two other single, soccer-mad, wanna-be hooligans.

If anyone has any recommendations, suggestions, connections, please let me know. In exchange, I will email some jpegs of the parties....I mean book discussion meetings I will be attending.

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I don't know Rio de Janeiro (Rio) but I have travelled to Sao Paulo (SP) on a few occasions.

A hotel chain to check out for low cost accommodation is the Parthenon Hotel chain Although their website is in Portuguese, it is a standard hotel website with the ability to make reservations etc.: www.accorhotels.com.br

I don't know if prices are comparable but Parthenon have suites with a small kitchen, living/dining room and separate bedroom. In SP, I was able to find a suite for $40/night. I suspect rates might be higher in Rio. Breakfast is normally included in the rate. Book early because New Years is the beginning of the holiday season for Brazilians. It could be crowded.

I don't know how well you know Rio, but it is good to know the neighbourhood you are staying in. Rio is known as a city of extreme contrasts even more than SP. Walking after dark in the wrong neighbourhood can be hazardous.

As for soccer, The Brasileiro 2005 season will be finished by then and the Carioca championship starts later in January. I don't know if there is much professional soccer activity around the New Year.

Some things to enjoy while in Brazil in general:

- eat at least once in a churrascaria (if you are not a vegetarian). Avoid the high risk foods on the buffet though (mayo salads etc.). A meateater's heaven.

- Try having the true Brazilian beach drink and have a Caipirinha. But have too many and you may not be walking home.

Again, I haven't been to Rio so I can't give you specific recommendations

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Thanks Canuck Oranje.

I didn't think I'd be able to watch any matches, but once the trip is confirmed (please God!), I do hope to visit the clubhouses and of course the Maracana!

I am planning of course on thouroughly enjoying the beaches, the food, the cachaça, the women, the New Year festivities and whatever trouble I happen to get into. My Portuguese should be sufficient to get me around, but not enough to be totally safe, so I will be taking extra precautions as usual when I travel.

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