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Canadians at UC Santa Barbara


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Greetings, Canadians!

I attended UC Santa Barbara and have been following our soccer team for several years. About 5 years ago, our team's record was something like 2-17-1. Last year, we lost in the NCAA title game versus Indiana in PK's. Much of our success is due to the 4 Canadians that have been on the team in recent years. The upsurge of 3 years ago can be largely attributed to Rob Friend transferring from another university to UCSB. He was one of the leading goal scorers in college ball his senior year and had an incredible streak of scoring in something like 12 straight games.

Last year, 3 more Canadians joined the team: Myles Davis, Andrew Proctor, and Tyler Rosenlund. Davis played early in the season but not much toward the end. I love his speed and runs from the back line. Andrew Proctor did not play very much due to the number of older more experienced players on the front line. He did, however, score a world class goal in the playoffs in front of 12,000 crazy fans. Here is a picture of Andrew's teammates celebrating the goal with Tyler Rosenlund (17) right there:


Speaking of Rosenlund, the guy is a stud. He became a starter about one third into the season with the coach singling out his long passing ability as the deciding factor in starting him. I believe he started every game thereafter at the attcking midfielder position. I have followed his progress with the U-20 team, and he seems to be doing quite well!

I wanted to welcome Canadian soccer supporters to stop by the UCSB athetics message board (link below) where we quite often discuss our soccer team and also oftentimes speak of the Canadians, especially Rosenlund. Also, the photo gallery I linked above has some great photos of a great game. It even has pics of a streaker and the goal being carried away in celebration!

Btw, I lived near Montreal for a couple years during high school and have fond memories or my years there.


Another link with occasional soccer news (frequent during the season) is the official UCSB athletics website. In fact, the most recent article speaks of Rosenlund's U-20 participation and news about Rob Friend. Check it out here:


And finally, links to the Canadian's webpages:





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