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  1. Mateo Restrepo Mejia will play for UCSB this year. http://ucsbgauchos.com/sports/m-soccer/2016-17/bios/restrepo_mateo_kqow
  2. This short article from Bild (in German) suggests that Friend's wife, Mari, wanted him to play for LA as she is from there. Btw, they both went to UCSB and Mari played on the volleyball team. Article from Bild: http://www.bild.de/sport/fussball/rob-friend/wechselt-nach-los-angeles-34211922.bild.html Mari Bell Friend profile: http://www.ucsbgauchos.com/sports/w-volley/mtt/bell_mari00.html ************************** Twitter: @GauchoSoccer
  3. Does anyone think Rob Friend might join Toronto? Forward isn't a pressing need, but it is a need, IMO. Friend barely played for Frankfurt in B2, and now that they are promoted back to the top flight, I doubt Friend is in their plans. Anyway, I'm convinced that Friend will join a new team this year. Could it be Toronto? It may be wishful thinking, but I'd love to watch 3 Gauchos playing together professionally (Silva, Avila, Friend). Oh, and bring back Andy Iro!
  4. A couple things... 1) Mostly injuries. For example, he started the year injured, and then pulled his hammy. Never really got going but played well when he could. 2) UCSB had a lot players that play his position (Fwd/Right Wing). That would include guys like Sam Garza (#6 MLS pick) and David Opoku who also is leaving early to try his luck in Spain or Portugal. With very liberal substitution rules, he'd see the field when healthy, but he might only play 30-40 minutes. I would have loved to see a healthy Nonni as a senior, especially since we're suddenly gutted at forward an
  5. Per his twitter, he signs a 6 month contract with the 4th division team, forgoing his senior year at UCSB. That makes two Canadian Gauchos in Germany. Btw, I read that Friend was rumored to be scouted by West Brom, but that was a couple weeks ago. Go Canada! Go Gauchos!
  6. Here is that news conference. Friend busts out the German at the 4:00 mark. Nicht schlecht!
  7. According to Kicker, Aachen is also now interested in Friend. http://www.soccer365.com/news/features/the_grapevine/1717/farmers_checking_out_shea
  8. I have seen many matches that Friend has played in (going back to his college days), and I have never seen him disinterested. In fact, his will to win and the work rate he displays on the pitch have always been very professional even when he was an amateur. I think it's unfair to cite one incident and attempt to draw a conclusion from that when everything that preceded it shows that Friend is very interested in playing hard for his country. Although I am a huge fan of Friend and hope he succeeds for both club and country, maybe Canada should go in another direction at striker. But
  9. I thought Friend played well in limited action. He flicked on the ball that should have resulted in a goal. Othewise, he collected and advanced the ball quite well. I saw him lose possession just once, and it was a hard tackle at midfield that could have been whistled as a foul. Can I get an amen?
  10. The article mentions that Friend would be a perfect fit for Toronto. After Friend graduated from UCSB, he was drafted by Chicago, I believe in the 4th round. Btw, my understanding is that he would have gone much higher in the draft had it not been that the MLS clubs knew who would forgo the MLS route and test the European market. So, the question is, does Chicago still own the rights to Friend or would he be a free agent?
  11. Well, I am going to be rootiong hard for Brown as they face UC Berkeley next. UCSB lost on Sunday at Berkeley on a very controversial red card early in the match that forced them to play down and thus with only one forward, so Nonni played sparingly. I was in attendance. Despite being a man down, UCSB would score in the 82nd minute to go ahead 1-0 only to have the ref call for a hand ball in the box with 2 minutes to go and award a PK to Cal. The Cal player who many UCSB fans feel was the player deserving of the red card converted the PK and sent the match into overtime. Cal would score w
  12. UCSB outshot Denver 31-4 and finally scored in the second OT to avoid a PK shootout. The final score was 1-0. The Gauchos totally dominated in every phase of the game. UCSB travels to Cal Berkeley this Sunday at 1:30 local time. The forecast calls for rain. Despite it being an away game, I expect UCSB fans to take over the stadium with many Bay Area UCSB alums (including me) and travelling hardcore fans. Match highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFqLwwIwxDQ
  13. Sorry for double posting this (I posted this on the Nonni thread), but I wanted to let those that are interested that Nonni and UCSB will travel to Cal Poly on 10/27 in a match that Fox Channel Channel will televise live.
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