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Toronto Lynx media day...

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with a team picture too!

hey my page transferred over to a new provider after being down a month.

I've been watching the TV stations and so far have seen clips on The Score (James Sharman World Report), OMNI 1 both Portuguese and Italian editions. Global was there (but their sportscast was interrupted by the liver non-confidence motion in Ottawa). CITY TV although looks like I missed their sportscast. Sportsnet will probably have something for SoccerCentral.

Toronto Sun, various regional and ethnic media...

Hope that's not the last we see of them this year...

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quote:Originally posted by Rocket Robin

Rogers Cable has about seven or nine games this season.

For Sports news, we'd 'sometimes' get hilights on CFTO or CITY nighttime. Not every home game though and more likely at the beginning of the year than near the end.

I dumped rogers cable for a satillite dish due to Rogers giving the argos the reason for killing the stadium project.

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quote:Originally posted by Polish_LYNX_Fan

CityTv had a good report Rick titus interview was kool

Did he say why he didn't make the trip to Charleston? Was disappointed he wasn't here. He was a fan favorite, missed saying hello to him. If any of you run into him, tell him he still has a lot of friends in South Carolina.

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