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Caps Corner (Whitecaps magazine show) torrent

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Caps Corner - Vancouver Whitecaps Magazine Show

Saturday 7 May 2005

English language


video size: 272 x 208

video codec: DivX

audio codec: MPEG-2 layer III

running time: 29:48

file size: 114mb


-highlights of Vancouver v Rochester (30 April 2005)

-footage of the Vancouver Southsiders in action

-interview with Whitecaps manager Bob Lilley

-interview with Whitecaps striker Carlo Corazzin

-review of Vancouver Whitecaps Women's 2004 W-League championship, and 2005 preview

-interview with Whitecaps Women and Canadian international striker Kara Lang

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It's on Citytv Vancouver every Saturday at 2:00 PM PDT / 5:00 PM EDT. I didn't watch it last Saturday but their online schedule shows that there was no pre-emption (Citytv doesn't carry golf).

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There should be a report on the Caps Corner that Jake Sagare has left the Caps. When the Caps announced the signing this winter, they descibed him as a skilled attacking player who would help score goals. He didn't play in the first three league games, and now has been released, possibly to return to Portland.

Have the Caps been doing so well at goal scoring that they can afford to lose an attacking player.

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