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Who's Your Father Referee?!?


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I have heard that Ado the hauge had racist supporters and such, but this doesnt seem to be anything of those sorts.. heck its stuff we do in toronto.. Maybe its just cause they hate the ADO...

Dutch soccer club fined $65,575 Cdn for insulting fan chants

posted February 23 @ 11:28, EST

AMSTERDAM (AP) - The Dutch Soccer Association has fined ADO The Hague 40,000 euros ($65,575 Cdn) for an incident last year in which its fans chanted insulting slogans, the first such fine levied in the absence of violence or racism.

The decision by the association's appeals panel is final and includes a one-year probation period as well as a suspended sentence of having to play one home game without fans.

In a match against Ajax on Sept. 12, ADO fans chanted insults about an Amsterdam player's girlfriend. At a match against PSV Eindhoven on Oct. 16, they chanted similar insults about the referee.

The PSV match was halted in the 80th minute because of the chants. PSV was leading 2-0 and was later awarded the win.

Some Dutch commentators have said the chants should be considered within the range of acceptable behaviour for fans, given that they did not incite hatred or violence.

But the appeals panel said they were "discriminatory and insulting" and upheld the fine.

ADO, which collapsed because of trouble with fans in the early 1990s, rejoined the premier league last season after a decade of rebuilding under new management.

ADO has banned more than a dozen supporters from its stadium after identifying them from videotapes of the PSV match.

Wednesday's decision increased a punishment of 25,000 euros ($41,025 Cdn) initially proposed by the association and which ADO appealed against on the basis that it was too heavy.

The commission said it had increased the fine "in part because of ADO The Hague's considerable record."

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Stopped the match? Over some vulgar chant?

The ADO supporters should wear that fine as a badge of honour because that's just rubbish. A steamy pile of crap that is strictly theatre.

Who the Hell has authority to stop a match because of supporters chants or jeers anyway?

Sounds like Daniel's story about their trip to Rochester and the stadium rent-a-cop giving them grief over "This sucks!"

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