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I'm looking for a pic


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Is this what you're looking for, Sunshine?



Many of the pics previously up are not cming through, NOT because of the actions of any moderators, but rather because the original urls, such as varsitytylers, they are linked to all afu. Grizzly's gallery of Kingston pics are still up tho:


Your humble and admiring moderator, beachesl:)

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quote:Originally posted by Polish_LYNX_Fan

I cant belive this pic is not posted yet ??? I would think the moderators would post it since they have seemed to find the same thread that I started 8 months ago and deleted it so this should be a piece of cake, or it mite be because they dislike me :)

Huh? The threads are still there. [?]

Perhaps you are looking for the picture in this thread?

The Search function is very useful. However, it is very helpful when people use detailed and accurate thread titles (stuff like "Today's game" is useless). That's part of the reason why beachesl and I are always editing thread titles. And effective archiving is part of the reason why we are such sticklers for keeping the forum organized in general!

It is also helpful to post descriptions along with pictures, because the search function cannot find pictures, only descriptions. For example, the thread I just posted was hard to find because the word "Kingston" did not originally appear anywhere in the thread (I just now added it to the thread's title).

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