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Horrid, Horrid fans.


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quote:Originally posted by The Beaver

That is absolute bullsh.it, and I suspect you know it. Soccer viewership is not catching on for one very big reason, a very simple one: WE ARE NOT WINNING ENOUGH GAMES!! Once again, look at the women's programs. The U19s who placed 2nd in Edmonton a few years back became instant minor celebrities. Many more people in Canada know who Kara Lang and Christine Sinclair are than they know who Paul Stalteri or Thomas Radzinski are. The fans in Edmonton for the U19 finals were loud and involved. Maybe they weren't hurling racial slurs--some were, I imagine, especially against that freak-show from Brazil--but since when was rabid racism and sexism a symbol of support for one's soccer team? In fact, as we are seeing here, it actually creates division, and we are too damned small a support network to suffer division well.

There ARE things we can do to encourage greater support for our teams. They are inclusive strategies, strategies that need not denegrate others. I am not suggesting we ditch entirely some of the playful taunts and good-natured (but barbed) chants. As juvenile as it is, I love shouting "You're going home to a third world nation; We're going home to a first world nation." And you know what, most of the hondurans and costa ricans--those calling us putas, among other things--seemed to be amused by this. All I am saying is that a Canadian supporter is a valid supporter whether they shout and scream, or sit and quietly cheer on the team. If we want to get our crowd involved--beyond us rabid fans--then we need better strategies. I applaud Monster for his efforts--though some were unsavoury--and hope to find ways to employ his strengths to even greater effect in the future.

Speaking of absolute bullsh*t, are you saying that if we win more games, then Canadian fans will suddenly get off their hands and become as passionate as those in the rest of the world? No chance. We'll still be asked (but ever so politely) to please sit down and be quiet.

And how can you say we shouldn't denigrate others, but then admit you like shouting "You're going home to a third world nation"? Sounds pretty denigrating to me!

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