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September games pictures

Bxl Boy

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quote:Originally posted by Bxl Boy


I need pictures of the games against Honduras (and maybe in CR, but I don't dream) for the next edition of Quebec Soccer

Can someone hep me ?

If you can, please send me some at matthias@quebecsoccer.com

Thank you !

I Have pictures that I took and have had them for some time on my PC. My appoligizes for procrastinating in getting them up here. But on the other hand, I am new to the world digital cameras and getting them on this site for everyone to see is still something that I am learning. In an other post, I mentioned that I would have them up here last weekend but I haven't gotten around to it.

What I am trying to grapple with is how webshots account works. I actually have all the shots from the Edmonton trip on there, But I don't understand how I could make them available for people to see here. I made the setting for those pictures for " viewing only by password" and I don't know yet how to change it. At the same time I am trying to edit the folder so that only the soccer and Voyageurs pictures are in the folder and not the "touristy" that no one is interested in.

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