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Aviators are now Edmonton FC

Andrew W

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From the USL's site. At the bottom I've posted a link to the U of A's Foote Field. It will be interesting to see which pitch they use. The larger turf field or the smaller (capacity) grass track and field stadium. It would appear that the grass field is cheaper but only the turf field has lights. I've been to a U of A football game there and it is a great small venue. Too bad it's turf.

Edmonton FC to finish A-League season

USL to operate replacement team for Aviators


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

TAMPA, FL - United Soccer Leagues announced today that it has terminated the Aviators A-League soccer franchise and entered into short-term agreements to manage Edmonton FC, a new USL owned and operated team, to complete the 2004 A-League season in place of the Aviators.

The team will resume play beginning Thursday night in Edmonton at the team's new venue for the remainder of the season, Foote Field, against the Milwaukee Wave United as scheduled and will travel to Minnesota for Saturday's match against the Thunder.

USL has reached short-term agreements with Joe Petrone to manage the team, Ross Ongaro to coach the team and the majority of the former Aviators players, including team captain Kurt Bosch.

The replacement team will be funded by USL and the other A-League team owners through the remainder of the 2004 season, which is comprised of seven home and four away fixtures.

"While we are disappointed in the events of the past few days, we are pleased that USL and the A-League team owners have made the financial commitment to operate the team through the end of the season," said USL CEO Dave Askinas. "We are optimistic soccer fans in Edmonton will continue to support this team as we begin the process of identifying potential ownership groups for the future."

"Fulfilling the remainder of the team's schedule would not have been possible without the support and sacrifices made by the management, coaching staff, and players who continue to represent Edmonton soccer with class," added A-League Director of Operations Tim Holt.

All pre-purchased Aviators tickets and passes will be honored at Edmonton FC matches. Edmonton FC general admission tickets will be $10 and will be available on game day at Foote Field.

The Portland match that was postponed Tuesday has been officially declared a forfeit by USL, giving the Timbers a 1-0 victory.

Here's the link to Foot Field


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quote:Originally posted by seether

To think, the ownership group actively avoided using the moniker "Drillers" to avoid the connotations from the indoor side.

Yes, wasn't it because the Drillers would be linked with failure? A sad ironic twist.

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The wardon got the Govenor's call.

I guess we'll see whats what now. You'd think the A-League is rather tiring of these mid-season collapses.

Good of the lads to take the big hit in the wallets over this. I think everyone pretty much agrees Edmonton can be a good A-League market. The sport has had a lot of exposure out there the last few years, so you'd think there would be a reasonable base of support who'll watch the A-League level of the game.

No idea how you can run a club successfuly at $10 a ticket though.

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